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Jordana Spiro’s fans gather here. How much of your WCW do you know? She was born in New York, you know; married, you know; possesses a broad bright smile, you know, too. What else do you know about the star? Here are six facts you probably didn’t know about Jordana Spiro the face of the character P.J. Franklin in “My Boys”.

Jordana Spiro was born Jewish

Jordana Spiro was born in 1977 to a Jewish family. She was born in New York City where she grew up among three brothers and one sister. Nursing a dream career in Hollywood, Spiro attended the Circle at the Square Theater and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She has an MFA in filmmaking from Columbia University.

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We have no idea whether her husband Matthew Spitzer is Jewish and if she still professes the faith. What we do know is that her connection to New York is very strong, so much that even though she works in Los Angeles, she shuttles between the two cities.

Jordana Spiro is a mother of one

Spiro got married to Matthew Spitzer. There is nothing much known about her husband except when he is shot in the company of his famous wife. Why is there nothing on him? Because Mr. and Mrs. Spiro do not want you to know.

Here is a list., Rotten Tomatoes,, TV Guide, IMDb, and Daily Mail. These are the big boys, they should know about Matthew Spitzer, they should’ve dug something up. They didn’t, it’s on them; they failed you.

She was in “The Mob Doctor”

Jordana Spiro was the lead act Grace Devlin, a surgical resident “The Mob Doctor” TV series on Fox. “Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor” by Ron Felber. Spiro’s character’s troubles began when she made a pact with an underworld group to take over her brother’s debt. It was like shaking hands with the devil, the mob soon asked her for blood. She refused and hell was joggled.

Despite averaging 3.5 million viewers per episode, the show got more negative reviews from critics with the San Francisco Chronicle going as far as to give it a 0-star review. Fox must have paid attention for they canceled the series that also aired in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico and was released on DVD by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

We can only imagine how big Jordana could have become if the series had become a hit and run for at least five seasons.

Jordana Spiro’s career began in 1995

Spiro’s career began with the TV series “Maybe This Time”. Maybe this movie was her only chance to shine and claim a permanent stake in the movie industry. Spiro didn’t disappoint as this series ended up becoming the first on a list of film and TV credits that flirts with forty.

Spiro continued to have one-episode appearances on TV until 1999 when her first film role came via “From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter”. Now seemingly tested and trusted, Jordana Spiro got the role of Brandi Thorson in “The Huntress” and went on to feature in 28 episodes between 2000 and 2001.

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Jordana survived on TV films and one to three episodic appearances for the next few years. Then her arguably finest year came in 2006. Spiro played the role of P.J Franklin, the sports columnist on whose character the plot resolves in “My Boys”, a TBS series that ran for four seasons.

The star has picked up a few millions from Hollywood

Put like this, it sounds as though there are millions of dollars on the sidewalks and corners of Hollywood to be picked up by whoever cares. It is not so for Jordana who has to earn every dollar sweating it out on sets of films and TVs. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Spiro is worth 2 million dollars on an average of 75 thousand dollars per episode.

There are actors who draw as much as 600,000 dollars per episode. And with Apple and Amazon entering the picture industry with a blast, some actors are pocketing as much as 1.2 million dollars per episode.

Now Spiro’s income is looking like peanuts. Look at your hand. What can you say about your fingers?

Spiro has a tattoo

Most actors have tattoos but you will never know because they mostly play roles in which the tattoos are not needed so they cover it with make-up and you don’t get to see it. This is not the case with Spiro as her tattoo is located where you can’t see it

Where can the tattoo be located? Make a guess… No, you’re wrong. Make another guess… Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The tattoo is located on the top of her right shoulder. What were you thinking?

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