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Johnny Messner

There seems to be quite a number of Johnny Messners it seems. At least there is more than one of them and we are here to talk about Johnny Messner the actor. He is the actor who is most known for appearing in the film “Hostage” from 2005. He wasn’t the main actor in the film, he wasn’t even a supporting cast. He was just a small back player there and that is the same movie he is probably most known for. Perhaps this is all the introduction you need to know about the actor.

Johnny Messner – age and early life

Johnny Messner was born in Syracuse, New York. He was born in April 1970 to a military officer among two siblings (brother and sister). Due to the nature of their father’s job, Johnny’s childhood wasn’t in a particular place. It wasn’t even in the United States of America. He grew up in Germany and England where his father was posted to by the US Air Force for over thirteen years.

Johnny was interested in and played in many team sports in the bases where he grew up in. At some point, it seems like he was going to be a sportsman. Johnny Messner is 49 years old.

Johnny Messner – career

Messner began acting in 1998. His debut was on a CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” in which he played the role of Rob Layne in 21 episodes. You can say his was an entry into Hollywood with a blast and you would be right. This is an industry where the regular beginner begins with one none-speaking role in an episode or in some obscure indie short film. It seems like Messner was heading to a career that would be measured in prominent strides. This wasn’t to be as Messner never played any role for as many episodes again.

In 2005, Messner was in “Killer Instincts” as the player of the lead role character of Detective Jack Hale of the San Francisco Police Department on Fox. He was part of the show in every single episode of the entire thirteen. The show was so badly received that Fox did not air the last four episodes in the United States. This could be said to be Messner’s biggest role but it flopped and may have cost Messner acting credit points. If the show had been a hit, we might not be writing about Messner’s profile as a whole.

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During the cause of his career, he was in “Cold Case” the police procedural drama on CBS for three episodes. Other of his shows include “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” on NBC, “Men, Women and Dogs”, “Dark Blue” etc. His film list includes “Tears of the Sun” the 2003 film which is about a Navy SEALs rescue doing the Nigerian civil war and the comedic crime film from 2004 “The Whole Ten Yards”.

Johnny MessnerAccording to IMDb, Messner was the actor who was originally cast as Thor in Yusry Abdul Halim-directed “Vikingdom” (2013), but for unknown reasons dropped out and was replaced by Conan Stevens. This is not one loss Johnny will regret to his dying days. The film actually flopped – bombed seems more like the best word: made with 15 million-plus dollars, the show could only make a little more than half a million dollars in the box office. If anyone should have regrets, it is whoever made the final call to replace Messner in the last hour.

Relationship and net worth

Johnny Messner is in a life-long relationship with Kathryn Morris. They are not married. They have something more like a civil agreement of sort. They have been together since 2010 when they met on the set of “Cold Case” where Ms. Morris was Lilly Rush the star of the show. Rush was a Senior Detective assigned to the Philadelphia Homicide Division whose work is to pursue murder cases that have been abandoned and try to solve them. The show went on for seven seasons of 156 episodes of which Kathryn Morris was the only actor to appear in every single episode.

The union is blessed with two kids as Kathryn gave birth to twin boys, Jameson and Rocco, in August 2013.

Johnny Messner is not a particularly rich man as several sites put his net worth at on or under one million dollars. In contrast, Messner’s partner Morris’ net worth is put at up to five million dollars.

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