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John Wesley Shipp

If you’re talking about this movie star without mentioning his last name, you might easily mistake his identity to be English cleric John Wesley. But Shipp doesn’t make his living from the pulpit, and Evangelist John Wesley has died several scores of years ago. Shipp stars in films and TV series. What do you know about him? Here are five fast facts for you.

1. John Wesley Shipp is a pastor’s son

John Wesley Shipp was born on January 22, 1955, in Norfolk, Virginia. His father was a farmer by occupation but a time came when he got the call so he abandoned the fields and returned to school, a seminary in Wake Forest where he trained to become a pastor of a small church outside Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Young Shipp attended Butler High School in Louisville, Kentucky from where he proceeded to Indiana University, earning a degree in theater. Shipp also studied acting with Julie Bovasso at LaMama Theater in New York.

2. He made his acting debut in 1980

One of Shipp’s notable appearances was in the television series “The Flash” which aired on CBS, a cast he joined in 2014. He portrayed the character of a superhero in comic books. That was decades after his acting debut which came in 1980 when he portrayed the role of Kerry Nelson in the television soap opera “Guiding Light” on CBS. The soap opera has been named in Guinness Book of World records as the longest-running drama in television in America’s history.

Shipp continued to show that his role in the “Guiding Light” was not a fluke when he appeared in “Fantasy Island” as Todd Skylar. He was also in the 11 episodes of NBC television soap opera “Santa Barbara” as Martin Ellis.

Another series that expanded his fame at the earliest stage of his career was  “Dawson’s Creek” –an American teen drama television series where he portrayed the character of Mitch Leery in the main role that lasts up to season 1-4.

In 2002, Shipp played the character of Jim Bratchett in the thriller film “Second to Die” alongside Colleen Camp. Shipp also had a recurring role in the series “The Flash”, starring as Dr. Henry Allen when it returned to screen in 2014. Shipp has aged in the acting industry but there is no indication that the flame he started with is dimming.

3. John Wesley Shipp is not married

John Wesley Shipp is currently 64 years old, does that mean he has exceeded the age of finding a life partner? The answer is “it depends” on who you are and it seems the media are trying to make Shipp unageable. In fact, every year, they link him with one woman or another. Some blogs even reported that got he married in 2016 and referred to him as an expectant father. Does Shipp have a child? There is no information to prove this.

Most people have suggested that he could be gay, but he has not said a word about the reports. John could still get married. He might get married at 80. If he likes. He is an actor and the lord over his affairs.

4. He is an Emmy Award Winner

Shipp won the Daytime Emmy Award as an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series “As the World Turns” in 1986. In 1987 Emmy Daytime Awards, Shipp won the Outstanding Guest Performer Award for his role in “Santa Barbara” the family soap opera on NBC in a category that included Celeste Holm, Eileen Heckart, and Terrance Mann.

He is the only actor with consecutive wins from two different daytime dramas.

5. The movie star has a $2 million net worth

John Wesley Shipp came to Hollywood with a few dollar bills three decades ago and today, in 2019, he is referred to as a millionaire. His current net worth is reflective of his hard work in the acting industry. But then he has no kids and has never paid child support or high school and college tuition, he should be weighing more than two million dollars on the money scale.

He still has close to a decade before retiring from acting and this means there is plenty of time for him to retire with more than his current net worth of $2 million – or less whether or not he gets married.

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