Joe Piscopo: How, What, and Whereabout The Star?

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Joe Piscopo

Joe Piscopo is a comic actor who has appeared on Saturday Night Live. Aside from his comic appearances, he is a writer, a musician, and a radio talk show host. He is notoriously known for not playing a role the way it was scripted and his numerous celebrity impressions. See every single detail about his career and personal life below.

Joe Piscopo: Age and early life

Joe Piscopo was born to Joseph Piscopo and Edith Piscopo in Passaic, New Jersey on June 17, 1951. He was raised in North Caldwell and attended West Essex High School. During his high school days, he joined the drama club “The Masquers” where he displayed his acting talent before his graduation in 1969.

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After his graduation, he did not move to study acting or drama just like most of his mates do, instead, Piscopo attended Jones College in Jacksonville, Florida, where he obtained a degree in broadcast management. His first job after his college graduation was working as a DJ and dinner-theater performer with film appearances in between before he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1980.

Joe Piscopo is 68 years old.

Joe Piscopo: Career

Joe Piscopo has held a career in different aspects of the show business.  In 1980, Joe was employed as a contract player for Saturday Night Live. During this period, the show was undergoing some major reshuffling with all the writers, major producers, and cast members leaving to pursue other endeavors. It was a critical time to join SNL because there were fears that new casts might not live up to the expectation of the fans. Then it happened, critics and fans criticized SNL heavily that spring but they loved the performances of Piscopo and Eddie Murphy and. Dick Ebersol was the man in charge during that period.

In 1984, he left Saturday Night Live and starred in the film “Johnny Dangerously” as Danny Vermin. He continued to do comic roles before he released a book for Pocket Books called “The Piscopo Tapes”. In 1985, he unleashed his musical talent something he had dropped earlier for SNL and released an album in New Jersey, for Columbia Records.

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Joe starred in the ABC special called “The Joe Piscopo New Jersey Special” in May 1986. In 1987, Piscopo he gained widespread fame when he was mentioned in Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ No. 1 rock single “Jammin Me”.

He did several celebrity impressions of many famous people like John F Kennedy, Allen Funt, Frank Sinatra, the late American singer/actor, and former President Jimmy Carter. He made his mark in the comedy world by doing these celebrity impressions. In January 2014 he started hosting Piscopo in the Morning with Al Gattullo, Frank Morano, and Debbie DuHaime.

Political Aspirations

Joe Piscopo was a registered Democrat but left to join the Republican Party. He is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and in January 2017, he was considering running as an independent candidate for Governor of New Jersey in the gubernatorial election but backtracked afterward.

His filmography might be short but hie numerous celebrity impressions remains evergreen.


Joe Piscopo has married twice. His first marriage was with Nancy Jones, the former “Wheels of Fortune” producer back in 1973. The union was blessed with one child before the wheel of misfortune turned and they divorced in 1988.

In 1997, Joe remarried but strangely to Kimberly Driscoll the Nanny who looked after the son he had with Nancy Jones. Together they welcomed three children before they finally divorced in 2006.  Joe has two sons and two daughters namely Joey Piscopo, Olivia Assunta Piscopo, Michael Frances Joseph Piscopo, and Alexandra Claudette Piscopo.

Net worth, height, and other facts

Comedians have a big say on top of the food chain and Joe is not ridiculing the profession in that aspect. Although his jokes are not mainstream, he has his say where it matters. Joe Piscopo is 3 million dollars. There’s no way in this world he would have made this money if he continued working as a DJ and theater-dinner performer.

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Joe stands at a height of 6 feet or 1.83 meters. He weighs around 84Kg or 185 pounds. He founded the Positive Impact Foundation, a nonprofit organization that creates positive media for at-risk youth. He also appeared in Billy Joel’s music video for “Keeping the Faith.”

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