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Joanne Kelly

Joanne Kelly is an actress of Canadian nationality who has now made a name for herself in Hollywood. Whether you are a films-person or a TV watcher, you cannot not know Joanne Kelly. TV watchers know her for her as Myka Berra a secret service agent in “Warehouse 13” the American science drama on Syfy while movie-goers will remember her as Sasha in the Canadian teen comedy film “Going The Distance” directed by Mark Griffiths from 2004. It wasn’t a blockbuster and made a mere million-plus in the box office but it was a fine movie and we remember. How much of Joanne Kelly are you aware of? We bring you all we know.

Joanne Kelly – age and early life

Joanne Kelly was born in Bay d’Espoir, Newfoundland, Canada in December 1978. She studied English and Drama at Acadia University, Novia Scotia. Growing up, she was into athletics and besides running on the track, she also played team sports such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton. She also played hockey and wanted to go professional before been snatched off by the gorgeous and rugged hands of acting.

Joanne Kelly is 41 years old.

Joanne Kelly – Career and net worth

Joanne Kelly began acting in 2002 aged 23. Her first role was in the movie “The Bay of Love and Sorrows”. Two years later, she appeared in “Going The Distance” which is not only her most known movie credit but which is followed by a couple of obscured and small-budget movies. It is, however, as a TV star that Joanne Kelly earned most of her acting credit and made most of her name.

She was in Fox’s “Vanished” where she played the role of Sara Collins the wife of a senator who vanished on a dinner held in her honor and which sent up a chain of events that revealed the deepest secrets of the main cast members. The show was in 2006 and only had 13 episodes in its one season. She was also in parts one to three in the miniseries “Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit” and in “Jeremiah” on from 2003. The actress was in “Hostages” on CBS from 2013 to 2014, appearing in all but two of the fifteen episodes that made up the only season of the show that was inspired by an Israeli series of the same title and concept.

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In 2009, Joanne Kelly began what is her most prominent credit when she starred as Myka Berra a secret service agent with a sharp eye for details and a powerful memory that means she can recall and retell with details things she only saw once. She starred alongside Eddie McClingtolk who played the role of  Pete Lattimer also a secret service agent, both of whom were sent to South Dakota to guard and report on supernatural artifacts, both of whom regarded this posting as a punishment until their discovered its utmost importance.

On her role in this show, she said, “It’s a fine line we walk on ‘Warehouse 13.’ We really earn our dramatic moments, but our tongues are always firmly in our cheeks. If we take ourselves too seriously, we get into trouble.”

Kelly has a series of TV movies including “Selling Innocence” on CTV in 2005, “Solar Attack” from 2006, “Vox” in 2015, “Prescription for Danger” etc. Her career is headed towards the 20-year mark and whenever she finds the time to look back, she should like what she sees. And she has something to show for this. Joanne Kelly’s net worth is put at five million dollars which is an impressive amount and which is the figure most net worth calculators pick when they think you are a medium-strength star and they do not know your net worth for sure. She may even be worth much more than this.

Relationship and body stats

Joanne Kelly is rather an imposing figure, standing at an impressive 5 feet 9 inches (or 1.75 m) which is just one inch shorter than the average man in Hollywood and a couple of inches taller than the average female star in Hollywood. Endowed with a banana shape, she wears a 34B bra size for a Breasts-Waist-Hips‎ measurement of ‎35-25-36 inches (89-64-91 cm). She weighs 62 kg or 136 plus pounds.

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Kelly is a beautiful woman with hazel eyes, we will add. She is not married and she is possibly single as we write this. Looking deep into her past, we can’t find any single man she was associated with romantically. It is impossible to say that she has never dated. We can only say she is super discrete with her dealings with the opposite sex or even the same sex. We have no clue.

If we hear anything about her relationship, you won’t be the first to know. Chances are ripe, we will never hear anything about her relationship.

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