Jill Goodacre: Career, Networth, Husband, Facts

Jill Goldacre

She rocked it in the 1980s, in the 1990s, and today tens of thousands of fans continually look back and ask questions of Jill Goodacre, the star actress, photographer, and ex-model. Here are all the facts that do justice to all your questions.

Jill Goodacre early life and family

Jill Goodacre was born in Texas but grew up in Colorado. She was born March 24, 1964. Her father, William Goodacre, was a real estate broker and her mother is the famous sculptor Glenna Goodacre whose credit includes designing the observe of the dollar coin that was issued intermittently between 2002 and date, and the Vietnam Women Memorial.

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Ms. Goodacre attended Fairview High School before proceeding to become a model. Goodacre has a brother known as just “Tim” and a stepfather C.L. Mike Schmidt, the Dallas attorney her mother remarried in 1995.

Jill Goodacre Career

Goodacre began her career as a lingerie and hosieries model for Victoria’s Secrets, a company founded in 1977 and famous for making lingeries, swimsuits and beauty products and selling worldwide. The company began small and with the help of Jill Goodacre who was the face of the brand and modeled for this outfit up to the 1990s, the company grew in reach and fame.

Goodacre began her acting career in 1981 when she featured in the TV show “Play for Today”. Jill has less than ten acts to her credit in a career that spanned 16 years. Her last appearance was as Rose in “The Uninvited” the British science-fiction mini-series that played for one year in ITV. The appearance coincided with the birth of her second child, Sarah Kate.

Jill’s arguably most famous screen appearance was when she played herself in “Simply Mad About the Mouse: A Musical Celebration of Imagination”, the musical series featuring musicians performing “classic Disney” songs. Her would-be husband Harry Connick Jr. was part of the show.

Jill Goodacre is also a director, her sole credit being directing “Harry Connick Jr.: The New York Big Band Concert”, the live concert by her husband and his band which was later sold as DVD.

What is Jill Goodacre net worth?

Jill Goodacre is 5 ft 7 in (1.72 m). Her height might not count but considering height is important to a model and Jill earned a large chunk of her income off the fame modeling brought her, perhaps we might attribute it some importance.

Jill Goodacre’s net worth is put at five million dollars. This is the estimation of CelebrityNetworth. They didn’t give a breakdown on how and where she made this money. This is not to say we do not believe Goodacre to be this rich but we have our doubts. What we are sure of, however, is that the supermodel’s income is in seven digits.

Meet Jill Goodacre’s Husband Harry Connick Jr.

Jill Goodacre got married to Harry Connick Jr. in New Orleans in 1994. Born Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr., Connick is an award-(both Grammy and Emmy) winning musician and composer. And a very successful one at that. He is in the top 100 selling stars in the United States, selling more than 28 million albums in his career. A jazz legend, Connick dominates the industry, being the most featured artiste in the number one spot in the niche.

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Connick is also an actor and a television host, employing these skills in the numerous music videos and television shows that his touring Harry Connick Jr. Big Band which he found in 1990. While Harry has made money and fame off his show activities, he has, also, held concerts for charity, the most famous being the concerts and tours he did in the aftermath and for Hurricane Katrina.

Connick Jr. met Jill in 1990, we are not sure where but we do know that the two became romantically involved by 1991 as Connick released a song ‘Jill’ on her behalf in his album “Blue Light, Red Light”. The couple got married in April 1994.

Jill Goodacre’s Children

Jill Goodacre is three years plus older than her husband. This doesn’t seem to have affected them in anywhere as the couple is still very married (and happy) 25 years and counting.

Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr. are parents to three children, all daughters. Georgia Tatum, the first born was born April 17, 1996, Sarah Kate was born on September 12, 1997, and Charlotte was born June 26, 2002.

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