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Jewel Staite

Born Jewel Belair Staite in 1982, in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, Staite has an acting career that has alternated between her home country and the United States.  Although still in her mid-thirties, Jewel Staite has a list of film and TV credit that would do honor to one twice her age.

Here are five important facts about the star.

1. She has one child

A son named Wilder Cathcart Ritchie. She gave birth to him in 2015 with her husband Charlie Ritchie. Staite has been previously married to Matt Anderson for eight years. The marriage ended in 2011 without an offspring, perhaps due to her desire to concentrate more on her acting career. She got married to Anderson aged just 19

With her second man and at 33, Jewel might have considered that she needs another Jewel go with her career. Little Cathcart Ritchie was born.

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Cathcart married Staite in July 2016, seven months after she gave birth to his son.

2. Jewel Staite is more of a television actor

You might know Staite as Kaylee Frye in the successful movie Serenity. This is arguably her best-known work. But don’t be fooled, she is more a television actor. As of June 2019, Jewel is credited with just 9 movies. Her television credit is more than 50 which means that for one film she featured in, she has featured in more than five TV series.

Some of Staite’s Television shows include The Odyssey, Liar, Liar, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy, Cold Squad, Stargate Atlantis, The L.A Complex, Blindspot, the Magician etc.

3. She once added 20 pounds in order to play a role

The internet is littered with tons of articles on how to lose weight. Losing weight is normalcy. Until Jewel Staite came into the picture. With a figure that many will call goals, Staite didn’t need to lose weight, so she decided to add weight. She did this for a role. The role was Kylie, a mechanic character in the series Firefly. So Dear Jewel put in 20 pounds to fit the role. Considering this is the act which, according to Rotten Tomatoes, defined her career as an actress, the trouble was well worth it.

Staite wowed fans in the series created and produced by Joss Whedon and aired on Fox. Despite averaging 4.7 million views per episode, the series and winning a Primetime Emmy Award, it was “tragically canceled” after just eleven episodes.

How did she do it? We have no clue.

4. Jewel Staite began her movie career aged 9

Staite first appeared on screen in 1991 when she featured in the series The Odyssey. She appeared in a series called “The Believers”. Just that episode. That was that but that was enough to launch an illustrious career. The star didn’t return to the screen until 1995. Liar, Liar followed in 1992, The Only Way Out in 1993, and she returned to The Odyssey in 1994. She hasn’t looked back since then.

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It wasn’t such a smooth entry for the star discovered by Sears Photography Studio. She didn’t want to be on screen. They played a little trick on her. They told her that acting will afford her the opportunity to wear pretty dresses and she bought it hook, line and whatnot.

5. She is a struggling actress

No, you didn’t hear that from us. And no, it is not in real life. In the Television drama The LA Complex, Staite played the role of a struggling character, Raquel Westbrook. The show began in January 2012, shown to the Canadian public by MuchMusic and to Americans from April by The CW. MTV took care of the viewership in the UK. MTV Asia and MTV Australia took charge of the viewing in these continents while Sueños de Hollywood took the Latin American coverage.

This television series ended after just two series. But that is not the end of the project as a reboot has been discussed since 2018. You will likely see the show again but not the struggling character that Jewel Staite plays as the rebooting is considering featuring a new cast in their twenties, an age bracket that Staite may play with a little effort but which won’t be necessary with the sea of twenty-something-year-olds in the industry.

Is Jewel a struggling actress? You didn’t hear it from us.

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