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Jessica Barth is an actress with a small list of acting credits who somehow has a ton of news links to her name and these do not necessarily have to do with her career. How much of the Ted film star do you know? Here are all the facts you need to know.

Jessica Barth – age

Jessica Barth was born on July 18, 1980, in Philadelphia. Not a lot is known about her background and early life, but what we know, we let you know. She studied communications at LaSalle University but earned her degree from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania in acting, theater, and creative writing. To make ends meet while studying, she did shifts in restaurants.

Jessica Barth is 39 years old.

Jessica Barth – career

Jessica Barth began acting on theater stages. She made her debut in 2005 in the film “Neo Ned” where she played the small role of a production assistant. In the next year, she made her TV debut in an episode of the crime drama “The District”. In all, Ms. Barth has made about ten appearances on TV, mostly playing singular episodic roles. Some of her TV credits include “How I Met Your Mother” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” all on CBS.

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In 2007, Jessica played the role of a pretty blonde in “Next” the science fiction action film in which the protagonist played by Nicolas Cage could see into the future. In 2012, she played her most prominent role on screen; she played the role of Tami-Lynn McCafferty in the film “Ted”. The film is about a boy who wished his teddy Christmas gift could come to life and his wish came through – teddy bear became a man whom he named Ted and who became the boy’s best friend into adulthood. Seth MacFarlane wrote, directed and played Ted in the film. Jessica Barth played his girlfriend.

“Ted” was a blockbusting success and went on to rake in 547 million dollars off a budget of 50 million. In 2015, the sequel “Ted 2” was made with 68 million dollars and made 216 million dollars in the box office. As at the time of writing this, this remains Jessica’s last film credit.

Husband and kids

Jessica is a married woman. Her current husband is the number 2. She married Danny Cusumano in 2015. They are blessed with a daughter Savannah Cusumano born in December. Before Cusumano, Jessica Barth was married to Brett Dicksa. They got married in 2008. It is not certain when they divorced but 2011 has been put up as the year. This is unlikely as when she accused her manager of abusing her in 2012, his attorneys and the press made references to her husband and to Cusumano as her boyfriend.

Jessica has a third child born in 2004. No one knows the girl’s father.

Her sexual assault accusation of her manager and another

In late 2017, Jessica Barth accused David Guillod the film executive and producer known for “Atomic Blonde” in a blog post of sexually assaulting her. She said that this happened in 2012 when he was her manager. She was having wine with him then passed out and only regained consciousness in her car with Guillod outside yelling at her.

“This allegation was initially made five years ago and was fully investigated by LAPD at that time,” Guillod attorney, Thomas M. Ferlauto said. “Witnesses were interviewed whose version of events belied and completely contradicted Ms. Barth’s and LAPD determined the charges to be unfounded. No criminal or civil case was ever brought against Mr. Guillod,” he added.

One of such witnesses was Felisha Terrell the actress. Ms. Barth said she didn’t trust Guillod as he had made sexual advances on her before but that she agreed to this because Felisha will be around. When interviewed, Felisha said, “There were some inaccuracies in the story as I recall it” and that she wasn’t 100 percent sure it was true. Indeed there were inaccuracies. Above we reported that Barth said she woke up in her car with Guillod shouting at her. In another version, she claimed that she woke up at home.

Jessica said when she came to, she asked him if he had sex with her and he said no, but that they had a makeout session. Makeout with an unconscious woman? She didn’t believe him. She went to the hospital for a rape kit and the exam revealed a bruise on her left thigh, a bruise on her forehead, and potential saliva on her breast and neck.

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As to why she dropped the case in 2012, Jessica said, “Nothing was found to be unfounded. I just stopped pursuing it because he threatened to sue me. I wasn’t in a place emotionally or financially to take him on legally.”

Three other women came forward and Guillod was forced to resign as co-CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment.

In February 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department reopened the case citing the wave of new accusations as the reason. It was claimed that the DNA revealed that the hickeys on her body belonged to her then-boyfriend now-husband.

Jessica Barth also claimed that serial abuser Harvey Weinstein sexually proportioned her. She said he cornered her in her hotel room and “alternated between offering to cast her in a film and demanding a naked massage in bed”.

Jessica Barth’s net worth

Jessica Barth is 5 feet 4 inches (or 163 cm); she is worth one million dollars.

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