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How do you describe a ‘utility entertainer’? This question is tantamount to asking, how do you describe Jerry Trainor? He acts, he sings, he produces and to add to this illustrious list, he is a comedian. Born Gerald William Trainor on January 21, 1977, in San Diego, California, Trainor, since hitting the stage in 2000, has successfully displayed his craft in diverse areas. Here are the five of his more important facts for you.

1. Jerry Trainor developed an interest in acting at his school drama program

Jerry Trainor did his high school education at the University Of San Diego High School, which has since been renamed as Cathedral Catholic High School. It was there that he discovered his talent in acting. Jerry was a known figure in his school’s drama program –appearing in many of their shows such as Pajama Game, Guys and Dolls, The Matchmaker, and Up The Down Staircase, among others.

Jerry is, or should we say, was good in math too, being the son of a calculus and pre-calculus mother (Madelyn Trainor) who was a teacher at his high school alma mater. So good he almost gave up on acting to pursue a career in architecture. However, seeing that acting is something he loved more, he enrolled in the University of California, Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in theatre. Jerry also studied improv at the Groundlings School in Los Angeles

2. His first screen debut was in 2000

In 2000, Jerry made his first screen debut as Eric in the season 2 of the MTV anthology series, ‘Undressed’, which was created by British director Roland Joffé. He went on to appear in three successive episodes (ep 2-4). A year later, he landed another screen role with the Jake Gyllenhaal starrer ‘Donnie Darko’ ‘The Lanky Kid’. The same year, he made a cameo appearance as Tommy in Ivan Reitman’s science fiction monster comedy film ‘Evolution’.

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Jerry breakthrough role came as Crazy Steve on Nickelodeon’s ‘Drake & Josh’ in 2004. This was after he starred in uncredited roles in TV shows like ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ (2001), ‘Boston Republic’ (2001), ‘My Wife and Kids’ (2002), ‘Angel’ (2002), and ‘Crossing Jordan’.

3. Jerry Trainor relationship: Who is his wife?

Jerry is without a wife, or un-wifed to use a term Shakespeare might have used. But he is not without love as he is involved with Jessica Makinson, an actress. This is no surprise as he spends most of his time and this is not a surprise. His lover, Jessica Makinson is an actress, improviser and a comedian and their relationship might be overshadowed with jokes.

Jerry met Jessica on the sets of ‘iCarly’ in 2008. Although the duo has not made their relationship public, they are almost always seen together –even their frequent Instagram posts point that they’re dating. Hannah Stewart is another that cannot be easily dismissed when Jerry Trainor’s life is mentioned.

4. He formed a music band

Jerry loves music, affirming this by forming a music band with his friends. Jerry teamed up with Allison Scagliotti who happens to be the band’s guitarist and together they formed ‘Nice Enough People’. Mike O’Gorman (guitarist/vocalist) and Drummer Andrew Zuber joined in later.

When the band started, it only did covers of other artists, but O’Gorman’s songwriting talent forced the band to write and perform original songs. On June 22, 2016, they released their first EP, ‘Hanover Hideaway’ exclusively through digital media outlets.

5. His Hobbies include riding motorcycles and playing video games.

There are people who would prefer to watch grass grow than ride motorcycles but not Jerry. He sees riding motorcycles as a hobby. And as for his love for video games, it might not be unconnected to the fact that he has done voice-overs for some games. Jerry did the voice-over for Spencer in the video-game version of ‘iCarly’ and ‘iCarly 2 and iJoin the Click

Bonus Fact: Jerry Trainor Net Worth:

Jerry Trainor has had a long and incredibly successful career and is estimated to worth around $1.5 million. Not too small for our brunette actor.

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