Jeff Osterhage – Five Questions And Answers About Him

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Jeff Osterhage

Jeff Osterhage rocked Hollywood in the 1970s and 80s, featuring in several films and TV shows. He has also authored over a dozen screenplays and published a book titled “Parker Stride”.

Outside the movie industry, Jeff is a talented sculptor, drummer, and artist, with some of his paintings published in Actors as Artists. Jeff was easily identified by his female fans by his hazel blue eyes and brown hair, which is now all gray and scanty.

Unlike most popular 20th-century actors/actresses of his time, Jeff still appeared on screen in the first decade of the 21st century. There must be something about him that has kept him relevant in a fast-moving industry like Hollywood.

Just in case you don’t know Jeff, here are answers to the five most asked questions about Jeff.

Who is Jeff Osterhage?

Jeff Osterhage, who is rarely seen without a gun on screen, was a famous TV and film actor born in the 1950s. He is mostly known for his role as Tyrel Sackett in the 1979 movie “The Sackett”, a story about a fictional American family originally written by Louis L’Amour; and as Jesse Traven in “The Shadow Riders” of 1982, also written by Louis L’Amour, a story of two brothers who return home after fighting on opposite sides of the civil war, only to find out their siblings has been kidnapped.

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Jeff made his debut in “The grit: A further Adventure” as Christopher Sumner in 1978, a television adaptation of Charles Potis’ novel in 1968 “The grit”. Other popular films and TV shows include “Knight Rider” of 1982, “The Duke of Hazzard” in 1984, “Sky Bandit” 1986, “South of Reno” 1988, and “Dragnet” in 1989.

After his 2006’s short video documentary “The Sacketts go West” where he played himself, Jeff appeared in ” Taken by Force” in 2008.

Jeff has been a feature in two videos games: “Outlaws” as Marshal James Anderson in 1997, and “Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn” as Valygar Corthala in the year 2000. If you’ve played any of these games, you’ve likely seen him.

Jeff Osterhage has appeared in a total of 27 Made-for-tv, Films, and Tv shows.

How old is Jeff Osterhage?

Jeff Osterhage is also known as Jeffrey Osterhage was born in Columbus, Indiana in 1953. His father’s name is Bruce Henry, a former sales manager and his mother’s name is Ruth Anna Thomas. There is no available record of Jeff’s siblings or other family members. It is believed that Jeff’s parents are very supportive of his career.

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Jeff attended North Farmington High School, Farmington Hills, Michigan. In 1976, Jeff got his degree in BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) from Western Michigan University. Two years later, Jeff officially started his acting career.

Jeff is of British-Irish ethnicity. Jeff Celebrated his 68th birthday on the 12th of March 2021.

Does Jeff Osterhage have children?

Jeff Osterhage presently lives in Burbank, California but there is no information about Jeff’s past or present relationships, and no evidence of children or a wife. It is either he is very good at keeping his family life secret or… whatever it is you’re thinking.

What is Jeff Osterhage’s net worth?

The best way to talk about the net worth of celebrities is to avoid the topic completely. In Hollywood, not so much is guaranteed. Your favorite actors might look rich on-screen but facing bad credits outside the screen. However, Jeff seems to have an impressive net worth.

He has made a lot of money and a huge name for himself, he is being honored in The Oklahoma City Cowboy Hall of Fame and The Gene Autry Westerner Heritage Museum for his western performances. It is said that his name was submitted to The Academy of Television Art and Science for an Emmy Nomination.

Other skills possessed by Jeff that can be considered part of his income stream include sculpturing, painting, songwriting, and voiceover announcer. He is multi-talented.

Jeff’s acting salary was $75,000 and he’s presently worth about 8 million dollars.

How tall is he?

Jeff is 6 foot 1 inch tall or 1. 8 meters in height. A height that is good enough to come off the bench for the Lakers team in the Championship if he was playing.

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