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Jeff Baena is a writer, a director, and an actor in that order. Considering the small list of his credits, there was a small temptation to refer to him as a small filmmaker and actor. But we have been in this business for some time now and we know that it is not by the quantity of your credits and that sometimes, too, it is not by the quality. These things are so hard to determine. So we just tell concentrate on telling stories. Here are all the facts you need to know about Jeff Baena The Little Hours writer.


Jeff Baena was born in Miami. According to the Associated Press, he grew up in South Florida which could mean just Miami itself or in and around any of the Miami-Dade county, Broward county, and the millionaires’ playground Palm Beach. Most of his childhood and early life endeavors and education are not know. What we know, we tell you: He studied film at the University of New York.

Born in June 1977, Jeff Baena is 42 years old. And for those who keep asking what nationality Jeff is, he has never worked abroad so the possibility of him being anything but American is zero.

Jeff Baena – career

Jeff Baena’s first credit as a director is “Life After Beth” the romantic zombie-comedy he made in 2014. He wrote the script that had been around since 2003 and wasn’t made, and was looking like it would never be made then his girlfriend Aubrey Plaza’s agent brought the script to her attention and she said why not. Aubrey Plaza went on to play the lead and title character. The film got average reviews and made a quarter of a million of its 2.5 million dollars budget.

Then in 2016, Baena made “Joshy”, the romantic comedy about some dude whose girlfriend asphyxiates herself and set off a chain of dramatic events. Ms. Plaza was on this film and a certain Brett Gelman. The film didn’t make much in the box office but it had a positive review, making 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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In 2017, Jeff wrote and directed “The Little Hours” a black comedy film set in 1347 or thereabouts in a convent. In this film, his partner Plaza wasn’t just an actor, she also produced it. The movie was well-received with 78% aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes. It made only 1.6 million dollars in the box office. And at this stage, Mr. Baena would rather have money than upvotes.

Baena actually broke into the industry with co-writing screen credit of the independent movie “I Heart Huckabee” in 2004. Since he didn’t write anything else for a long time after this, the phrase “broke into” might have been used rather lightly.

Jeff has also acted. He has two credits to this regard. He was in “The End of Love” (2012) and “Digging for Fire” (2015). Films you have never heard of, films that he was in all the same.

Relationship with Aubrey Plaza

Jeff Baena is in a relationship with the actress Aubrey Plaza the actress, comedian, and producer whose latest movie is the horror “Child’s Play” where she played the lead character and helped the film made 43 million dollars of a budget of ten million dollars. They began dating in 2011.

And this relationship isn’t all romance and emotions. There is some piece of work there. According to an interview she gave to Indie Wire and reported by Bustle she said “I’ve been in every one of Jeff’s films. I’ve been there from the beginning of every idea because we’re together. We’re working on it even when we’re not working on it.”

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She went on to tell about their chemistry: “I think that when you’re with someone that is in your field, they understand what you’re dealing with on a deeper level. So obviously you are able to support each other and really understand kind of the journey that we’re both on.”

Jeff Baena

They support each other’s careers, in fact, they complement the other’s career, plus a strong understanding and chemistry. He is 42, she is 35, now heading to the one decade mark of their relationship, so we ask that question many are burning to ask and none has found the courage to ask them, when will you tie the knot?

Jeff Baena – height and net worth

There is misinformation about Jeff Baena’s height. Many blogs put his height at 5 feet 6 or 1.68 meters which can’t be. He is a tall man who stands at 5 feet 11 inches or 1.81 meters. His girlfriend is actually the height of 5 feet 6 inches which Jeff is erroneously associated with. Above is an image of Jeff and girlfriend. If Jeff was 5 feet 6 inches that puts Ms. Plaza at 5 feet 1 inch which is laughable.

Jeff’s weight is put at 78 kg or 172 pounds. We agree.

On the financial aspect, Jeff Baena’s net worth is estimated to be three million dollars. For a director whose career has never seen a movie earn as much as that amount in the box office this is a curious amount. Wedon’t have enough information (yet) to disprove this.

Image source: IMDb

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