Jeananne Goossen – Parents, Husband, Movies, Everything You Need To Know

Jeananne Goossen

People graduate from college and move on to other endeavors like following their passion. That’s the case of Jeananne Goossen, taking the leap of faith with the hope one day she’ll play the role of a unique superhero “Hancock”, directing, and producing her own movies.

Having been in the industry for almost two and half decades, Jeananne is yet to become the actress she wants to be, and she is yet to have a bad movie. She is popularly known for her AMC series “The Walking Dead” and “The Nightshift”.

If the name Dr. Krista Bell-Hart does not ring a bell (see what I did there?), this write-up is for you. Here is everything you need to know about Jeananne Goossen.

Jeananne Goossen is from Canada

Jeananne was born and raised in Kensington market, a place of multiple cultural neighborhoods known for homing special shops, stores, bakeries, and the famous Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Jeananne’s middle-class parents met in Hong Kong in 1969 and moved to Canada in 1970. Her American father, Ted Goossen, is a famous Japanese Fiction Translator and also a Professor of Japanese Literature and Film; while her Chinese mother, Tam Goossen, was an activist for the Chinese and other immigrant communities. She was later elected municipally as an official in education. Jeananne grew up with her older sister, Carolyn Goossen.

Jeananne studied Biochemistry at McGill University Montreal intending to become a gynecologist, but later picked interest in acting. To pursue her long-age passion, Jeananne took a program in performing arts at York University. Her knowledge as a gynecologist proves useful later in her acting career.

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Jeananne was a sports person while in college but she turned down opportunities to play college basketball and volleyball to spend her time away from school traveling.

Japanese and French are her two major languages aside from English. She understands and speaks Just enough mandarin and Cantonese to place an order in a Chinese restaurant. She is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Jeananne was born in 1985, she celebrated her 36th birthday on the 3rd of January 2021.

Jeananne Goossen the Gemini Award Nominee.

After her brief program at the York University, she dived deep into the Canadian movie industry. Taking on the role of Serenity in “11 Cameras” 2006,  Sonian in “The Vow” 2012, Courtney in “Falcon Beach” 2007, Tomoe in “Riverworld” 2010, Nula in ”Breakfast with Scot” 2007, and several others. Jeananne was able to acquire enough experience for the Hollywood big screen. Just in case they demand some kinda resumé.

At first, she was only able to get roles as a guest star in a few shows like Nikki in “Alcatraz” and Private Joan Matteson in “NCIS”. Her serious roles started as Luna in “This last lonely place” 2014, Kaida in “Debug” 2014, and Krista bell-hart in NBC’s “The Night shift”, where she stole the hearts of not just Americans but every fan of the show.

She went on to feature in other popular films and TV shows such as “The handmaid’s Tale” 2021, “Coroner” 2019/2020 (you cannot make this up), “Hyperlight” 2018, “Criminal Minds” 2017, and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” 2016. Funny story about her role in “The Walking Dead”, Jeananne Goossen was scared of the walkers that before her scene with the walkers, just to remind herself that they were real people in costumes, she would meet and greet all the extras cast as walkers. One can never be too sure, wouldn’t you agree?

Jeananne was nominated for a Gemini Award I’m 2007 for her supporting role Courtney True in “Falcon Beach”.

Jeananne has a child

Jeananne Goossen’s love life is off the screen. Never talked about it, never posted about it. in fact, getting information from her is like squeezing water from dry bread.

Notwithstanding, in the documentary “Mother tongue: The Journey of Tam Goossen”, Jeananne’s mother mentioned that her girls now have their own kids. Jeananne may have a mystery man we don’t know about.

Jeananne Goossen is a millionaire

Jeananne also sings, plays the guitar and piano. This earned her a role on “Nashville” where she recorded two songs. Her present net worth is unknown but as of 2019, Jeananne is worth five million dollars.

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