Jared Sandler – Age, Father, Career, Everything We Know

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We have seen relatives share the screen together so many times. Jared Sandler is one of the actors who has the Thespian talent running in his family. He is making a new for himself, wowing his fans, and keeping to the family tradition.

Here’s everything we know about him.

Who is Jared Sandler and how old is he?

Jared Sandler is a touring comedian and actor born in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. He was born on the 11th of July 1993

Jared celebrated his 28th birthday last year.

Who is Jared Sandler’s father and what’s his career like so far?

Some might confuse Jared being the son of American actor Adam Sandler, well Jared is born to Scott Sandler (father) and Denise Cohan Sandler (mother). Though his father Scott Sandler is the elder brother of the American actor Adam Sandler.

Following the footsteps of his uncle and now acting even without him. Jared seems to get his comedian nature from his uncle and aces comedy movie roles like a pro, Jared’s very first movie role was as a child artist in his uncle’s film, Big Daddy, back in 1999.

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Having had the chance to act in many roles with his uncle, Jared decided to choose a career as an actor and an internationally touring comedian, not just that Jared has also directed some of the short films like Samezies, Special Stuff, The Proposal, Zombie Apocalypse, and YoYo. Some of which he has received credit for directing

Apart from acting, Jared did the voice-over for animation movies like Hotel Transylvania and Eight Crazy Nights.

Other facts about Jared

Probably noticing the first thing about Jared’s last name because he is the nephew of well-known actor and comedian, Adam Sandler. He seems to take his craft very seriously that he studied theater at the University of Southern California where he earned a bachelor’s degree.

Well for his net worth, the wrong Missy actor isn’t yet that much known but can estimate him to be around five to six figures dollars and Jared hasn’t revealed anything about his relationship life to the public, guess he’s keeping that personal life of his to himself.

Jared started his career as a comedian like most other comedians, by doing stand-up routines at local comedy clubs before he was got up with fame

He was once a guest in an episode of Showtime’s “Shameless”.

Image source: Famous People