Janet Quist – Five Things You Need To Know

Janet Quist

The green-eyed blonde, Janet Quist, is a beautiful woman from yesteryears, the kind men dream about as they lay beside their wives in bed and that’s making the world a better place. Janet was a model and an actress who captivated the hearts of men and women with her beauty, charm and talents. During her years of blooming youthfulness, Janet lived life to the fullest not realizing there is something called too much fun. Despite being a Millennial, Janet Quist’s beauty still attracts yours sincerely and other youngsters to the internet. It could be something else. No, it is.

Here are five things we know you need to know about gorgeous Janet.

Janet Quist is a old enough to be a grandmother

Janet Lynn Quist was born and raised in Austin, Texas by Frances Quist and Jack Quist. Jack worked as an installer for the southwestern bell for 40 years.

It is not known how many siblings Janet has and how they feel about their sister’s choice of career, but we do know she has a sister called Vicki. The “Texas drifter”, as she was referred to in the Playboy magazine, was completely supported by her mother.

Janet was so focused on her career that she was not bothered about attending college after she graduated from Travis High School in Austin. We can say her hard work paid off in huge sums, Janet once owned an airplane and a yacht.

Janet was born on the 17th of August 1955. She will be 66 years later this year.

Janet Quist rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in the industry

We’ve heard stories of actors and actresses who became famous after their first screen appearance. Janet’s story was quite different from that; she’s one of those that had to keep keeping on while holding their dreams in hand. She’s one of those faces that appeared in a handful of movies before becoming a centerfold in the Playboy magazine.

Some of her movies include “Outlaw Blues”, “A Small Town in Texas”, “Rolling Thunder” and “Semi-Tough.” She was uncredited in these movies, still no one can take it off her. Maybe this was a testimony to her early struggles.

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Playboy discovered Janet through a Playmate photo contest for the magazine in 1977. The following December, she won playmate of the Month. It is believed that Playboy paid Janet $10,000 for her centerfold job and $500 every day as travel expenses during her two years tour for the magazine.

Janet said she was opportune to hang out with the likes of Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Rod Stewart, and several others in the Playboy mansion where she lived for half a year.

Janet Quist was supported by her mother in her chosen career

For many parents today, even worse, in the 1970s, Playboy Magazine is the symbol of rot and a pointer that they failed as parents or the devil won the battle for their daughter’s soul.

But for Janet Quist, her parents supporred her choice of career. We are sure about the mother who was excited her daughter accepted the playboy gig. She made a lot of money and that might be the game changer for Frances Quist. Perhaps it’s the fame.

The father of the 5 feet 71/2 inches princess was not fever pitched about the whole thing. Let’s just say Jack had not very friendly friends as they kept taunting him. “Hey Quist, we saw your daughter” must have been very unpleasant.

Janet Quist is a mother of four

Women should be allowed to legally marry more than one man at the same time. Some women are just too beautiful for one man, it takes two or more men to make such women happy. Well, don’t hold these words against me because it’s easy to deny. The writer was under the influence of alcohol, obviously.

Janet married Steven Stackable, a businessman, in 1982 but despite being both made of money, it ended in 1985. One man couldn’t handle all that fineness, perhaps. She remained single for a very long time. Probably to trim a little off that beauty.

Janet said “yes” to Scott on the 24th of October 1997 and they’ve been together ever since. Janet is a mother to four children: Travis, Jaclyn, Erica, and Kelsey.

Janet Quist now lives in Texas

Janet finally moved back to Texas in 2014 from San Diego California where she stayed for 28 years.

It is unknown what she might be doing now, but she was working for a jewelry company while taking nursing courses at the community college in Austin the last one we heard of her.

Janet now has a degree in Cosmetology.

Image source: Listal