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Jamie Dukes

It is not new when a famous NFL player retires and vanishes into thin air or decides to become a coach in order to keep the passion alive. Having a former NFL player become a sports analyst is somewhat rare. Jamie Dukes is a former Florida State offensive football player who played for 10 seasons. After his retirement, he picked up a new career as a sports analyst and health advocate.

Jamie Dukes is Over Five Decades-old

The post-NFL life of Dukes is very detailed on the internet but his life before football is now something in the back of beyond.

Dukes was born in Schenectady, New York. Who he lived with and how many siblings he has is unknown. But he attended Evans High School in Orlando, Florida. He was born Jamie Donnell Dukes on June 14, 1964. He is presently 57 years old.

Duke Played Football For 10 Years

Like most NFL players, Duke started his career in college. He was an offensive guard for Florida State in1985. His performance earned him the Consensus All-American honors, making him the 5th in the history of FSU.

After college Dukes signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent where he played eight seasons with a total of 110 games. Despite his huge success with the Falcons, the bushy-tailed footballer was chasing for more action.

He went on to sign a one-year deal in 1994 with the Green Bay Packers where he was a starter for six games. The following year he signed a one-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals where he was a starter for eight games.

Dukes has helped his team earn the All-America Honors on nine occasions and in 1991, he was elected into the FSU Hall of Fame with a total of 124 games played and starting 62.

Jamie Dukes is a TV And Radio Personality

After his retirement at the end of the season in 1995, Dukes went off the radar until he resurfaced in 2006. What he did during this period was unknown but it is said that he was chumming the water for opportunities. If that was the case, it paid off when the NFL asked him to join the network in 2006 as a sports analyst. His advocacy for a healthier American lifestyle has made him the spokesman for the NFL’s healthy Heart Campaign.

Dukes agreed to co-host with Deion Sanders at Barstool Sports’ 21st & Prime, as well as produce other content across their various platforms. Dukes is also a board member of the I’m In Corporation.

In 2012, Dukes became the senior VP of Community Relations and Aid Strategy partnership for Hydro One; a health, nutritional, and vitamin-infused beverage. He also hosted the Rick and Jamie show on Atlanta radio, 92.9 The Game. He was the most popular host on the radio until 2015 when he left due to health complications. Dukes hosted the Ochocinco & Dukes podcast on Itunes with Chad Ochocinco in 2016.

Jamie Dukes has Two Children

The love life of Dukes is not made public but he tied the knot with his wife, Angela Dukes, in 2009 with whom he now shares two kids. The names of the children are not known but the family resides in Braselton, Georgia.

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Dukes and his wife have done a lot together. In 2009, the couple Founded “Put Up Your Dukes” and in 2011, Runway Red celebrity kids fashion show launched for raising and funding children infected by or affected with HIV/AIDS.

Dukes weigh More Than an Average NFL Player

Dukes is a Hulky-looking man but not in an awkward way. The Afro-American might not be as fit as he used to but he is staying healthy. Dukes is said to weigh over 120kg (over 260lb) and tower at 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85m) in height.

Dukes Is a Millionaire

As an NFL star, an endorsement is only one of the major sources of income and we assume the star had/has a couple. Working with the NFL Network and other sports entertainment channels, Dukes has acquired a lot of wealth. He is worth $5 million.

Image source: CNN

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