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James Allen McCune

Actors in many shades. There are small actors, there are big actors and there are actors that are just there, not big, not small and not in a hurry of going away or higher. There are shades of actors and there is a James Allen McCune. He was in “The Walking Dead” and a handful of other credits. Here are all the things you need to know about the star broken down in five facts.

James Allen McCune was born in Atlanta

For a lot of people who were adults or became adults just around the new millennium, Atlanta is closely associated with the Atlanta Olympic. In 1990, the year the International Olympic Committee awarded “second-tier” Atlanta the right to host the 1996 Olympic, a boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charlotte and Loren McCune, on June 18. And they called him James Allen McCune.

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Like many actors, the high school was the place of discovery for his acting talent. He was in the school drama club where he caught the proverbial bug. The rest is written below.

The star is single

James Allen McCune is single and by single we mean he is not married. In filling forms, you are either single or married or maybe others which mean widowed in a civil relationship which are all shades of unofficial unmarriedness. But James Allen is not single romantically. He has been involved with Mimi Torres, an actress who is more into the voice-acting aspect of it all.

Information about them as of March 2019 says that the two who have now been together for four years are pretty serious about one another and might even be engaged. We might hear something about this couple soon, or we might now. Don’t jinx them.

James Allen McCune began his career in 2011

James Allen McCune began acting in the TV drama called “Hail Mary”. Then he appeared in “Snitch” starring Dwayne Johnson in the action film that made a decent 58 million dollars off a budget of 25 million. He was also in the Canadian/American horror movie that made 45 million dollars off a 5 million dollars.

McCune is Shameless. Or rather, he was in “Shameless” the comic TV series on Showtime. This drama followed the life of a single father who raised six children alone. It has been on for nine years and 110 episodes, debuting from January 2011. The tenth season is set to premiere in November 2019.

His finest moments as an actor came in the AMC horror drama set in the future, “The Walking Dead”. What happens when a legion of zombies kill off a large percentage of the population on earth and you and a few survivors have to constantly watch your back from the zombies and from an evil set of survivors. That is the premise of “The Walking Dead”.

James played the role of Jimmy, a teenage hero who rescued many from the hands of the walker only to fall victim and meets his end, slowly and painfully. He was in the show for ten episodes.

He is a web star

We used to have Youtube Stars as a category. Perhaps we discontinued the category too soon as here is one figure who meets that specification. He worked with Sugar Pine 7, a production company and comedy troupe who produce series of for-Youtube alone performances including mockumentaries.

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McCune has also done countless podcasts under “The Gus & Eddy Podcast” label and the so-called “The Official Podcast”. Early in the year up to the time of writing this (in August, I pray we remember to put this in the past tense when it’s finished so help us God), James is part of “The Grey Area”, a web video series.

James Allen McCune is worth less than a million bucks

According to a series of sites online, James Allen McCune is worth just a little below seven figures. He is worth 850 thousand dollars. This is impressive for an actor who is yet to break into the mainstream of his selected industry. We have seen a lot of actors who are fully integrated into Hollywood and who have a handful of quality appearances who are far from the half-hour mark of seven figures.

James is 30. He has decades ahead of him. He might even become big, perhaps not Brad Pitt-level, just big enough, with a couple of millions to his name.

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