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Jake Busey is that actor, musician, and producer whom you might have known as Jacob Busey. aged less than fifty and in Hollywood for more than forty, he has played and still plays his part on the giant chess board called Hollywood. And he is not a pawn. Here are all the things you need to know about the serial killer from Starship Troopers.

Jake Busey – age and birth

Jake Busey was in Los Angeles on June 15, 1971, or as he said it “born into the circus”. He was raised in Malibu, California, the United States of America. He was born into a world laced with creativity and entertainment – his mother was a photographer while his father was an actor. Growing up, Busey’s childhood was full of film and TV sets. That was when he caught the bug for a future career in Hollywood. He was also interested in drumming. In the end, he chose acting, or acting took over him. He was five.

Born William Jacob Busey, Jake Busey with his English, Scottish, Irish, German, and French roots is forty-eight years old today.

Jake Busey’s family – father and daughter

Jake Busey’s father is Gary Busey. Born in Texas, he has become something of a legend. He is an actor who is also referred to as a character actor for the unusual and eccentric roles he plays in movies and on TV. In all, he was part of more than 150 acting credits.

Gary got married to Judy Helkenberg in 1968. They gave birth to Jake three years on. Jakes’s mother was a photographer and an actress with one or two credits. She was born in January 1944, which makes her five months older than her husband. The two divorced in 1990. Judy never remarried but Gary did. He got married to Tiani Warden in 1996. They are now divorced.

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In many ways, the life of Gary Busey can be likened to those of the unusual characters he played. And this was not because in 1996, he told the whole world that he has become a Christian, declaring, “For the first time I am now free to be myself.” And this has nothing to do with the surgery he had in 1997 to remove a cancerous, plum-sized tumor in his nasal cavity. And no, this has nothing to do with what he did in 2016, when he campaigned for a certain Donald Trump, telling people to: “Vote for Donald Trump come election night” for “the American people”

Jake Busey is not married, has never been married but he has a daughter named Autumn Rosalia Busey. She was born in 2012 by April Hutchinson, Jake Busey’s fiancee, a makeup artist in the film industry whom Jake has been dating since 1990.

Jake Busey: Career

According to IMDb, Jake Busey is known for his wicked smile which he alternates between the big screen and smaller projects. His career began as an actor in commercials aged five. When he was around seven, in 1978, he was part of “Straight Time” his first appearance in the big screen. After this, Jake would only appear in two independent movies as a cook boy in “Barbosa” (1989) and the voice of Teenage Tom in “Hider in the House” (1992). He struggled to make it himself as he refused the help of his father and wouldn’t profit with his famous surname.

In 1997, Jake Busey made one of his most known appearances as in the film “Contact” , an adaptation of Carl Sagan’s 1985 novel of the same title. He played the role of Joseph a murderous religious fanatic in the movie about discovering aliens and making the first contact. He also played the role of Ace Levy a soldier in the 1997 satirical military action film “Stars Troopers” set in the 23rd century.

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He was still a soldier, this time around Lt./General Samuelson in “H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds”, an adaption of the novel by the author H.G Wells. He played what Wikipedia describes “as a power-mad soldier with unrealistic notions of resistance against the invaders”.

And they not just films, Jake has also been on TV and successfully so. He was “From Dusk till Dawn: The Series” the horror series on El Rey Network and marketed as a Netflix original. There were three seasons in all. Jake played a recurring role in season one before been promoted to the main cast for the last two seasons. In all, he was part of the show in 26 episodes.

Jake has a two-episodic role in ABC’s spy series “Agent S.H.I.E.L.D” in 2018. In the same year, he was in five episodes of the science fiction horror series on Netflix.

Net worth

Jake Busey stands at 6 feet 3 inches (or 1.91 meters). CelebrityNetworth puts his net earnings at 1 million dollars which is a poor return when put side by side the number of shows ad films he has featured in. Although, since he has no blockbuster lead role, he couldn’t be expected to be worth ten million.

He is, however, richer than his father, Gary Busey, who has four times the number of his credit but is estimated to be only half as rich.

Image source: New Orleans Living Magazine

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