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Jaimee Foxworth

Jaimee Foxworth is the baby-faced star you most likely only know for her role as Judy Winslow in the all-black family sitcom “Family Matters”. The series rocked prime time television from 1989 to 1993. And in the first four seasons of the show, Ms. Foxworth played her most prominent role in any show.

Jaimee Foxworth: Early life

She was born Jaimee Monae Foxworth in Belleville, Illinois. She was born in 1979 to Mr. and Mrs. Gwyn Foxx. She studied in Burbank High School, California, a school renowned for producing actors and moviemakers including Tim Burton the director of “The Nightmare Before” “Christmas and Planet of the Apes”.

Foxworth confessed that she didn’t have a normal childhood. She was always going on auditions, something that she would later admit affected her in adulthood.

Jaimee began her career at the age of five as a model. She appeared in ads on television so much that she caught the eyes of the creators of “Family Matters”.

“Family Matters” and career

Jaimee Foxworth was in Family Matters for four years, between 1989 and 1993. She held her audience in the palm of her humorous hands and cracked them up so much. After four seasons, with the introduction of new characters and probably due to the need to cut costs, some actors were eliminated from the show.

Jaimee was one notable name that was removed from the cast. In what carried a semblance of what her career would become, Judy Winslow was sent upstairs and was never seen again nor mentioned in the remaining five seasons. That was her career sent up by “Family Matters” and thence to obscurity.

Post-“Family Matters” and struggles

When Jaimee got the role of Judy it was to be her door to a life of stardom. It turned out otherwise: “Family Matters” wasn’t the door, it was the whole barn and it lasted for just four years.

After leaving ABC’s prime-time show, the star struggled to get screen contracts. Her family was flirting towards bankruptcy and her trust fund from her appearance in “Family Matters” was taken to pay her family’s debt. With no career and money and with the troubles of a pressure-cooking boyfriend, Jaimee couldn’t cope on her own. She turned to substances. Jaimee suffered depression, substance addiction, alcoholism, and endured extreme lack for many years.

One day, she went to do a photoshoot and stumbled on a hot, if dirty, piece of information. There was money to be made acting quick movies. But it wasn’t normal movies as she knew it. She had to do it with her clothes off.

Jaimee Foxworth hit another giddy stage of her life.

Jaimee Foxworth: Sojourn into the porn

Jaime shot a couple of porn movies using the nickname Crave. She gave her body to both male and female porn stars and they craved for her. She made the money paid her bills but she felt empty, naked, used.

She appeared in Oprah Winfrey show in January 2006 to denounce her porn alter ego, declaring it the biggest mistake of her life. “It was, to me, the quickest money,” Jaimee said on how she entered the murky gutter of the adult industry. “I was so naïve, and I was drinking.” She said she didn’t expect anyone (at least people who knew her) to find out about it. She was that naive.

Of course, people found out and Jaimee Foxworth paid a personal price for it.

“I couldn’t hold my head high,” she lamented. “I couldn’t walk around and say, ‘My name is Jaimee Foxworth’ without someone saying, ‘Ew,’ or, ‘We heard about you’. That’s the most degrading part. I lost all my confidence. I lost all my self-esteem. I lost friends. I lost some family members.”

Jaime has stopped doing porn movies and her rehabilitation included an appearance with VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” but this is the 21st century, the internet may remember.

Personal life and what she does today

Jaimee has a son. She gave birth to him in 2009. Her baby daddy is a certain Michael Shaw, the boyfriend whose pressures helped land her in the hot pan of porn. She must have forgiven him, she has to make a baby with him and name the baby after him.

Jaime Foxworth is unmarried.

Besides asking what she does today, one question that dominates internet searches on Jaime Foxworth is Why was Jaime Foxworth not at “Family Matters” reunion? (the reunion happened in 2017).

Speaking to The Root, Foxworth said, “The producers felt that they could do it and no one would notice. They’d done it with previous shows they had. They figured no one would really care. My fans took notice of it.”

So the question now is why did the producers believe no one would care if they excluded Foxworth from their reunion cover?

The fact that she was in adult films could be an excuse but it is not the full reason (if Emma Watson was in adult films she would still make every reunion there is): Jaime Foxworth’s fame had tanked. She was no longer a big fish in the Hollywood waters and “they figured no one would really care”. They were surprised when fans began to ask Foxed questions.

Today, as of October 2021, she is active on social media where she shares images of deep cleavages here and innocent bums there to her just under 80K Instagram followers.

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