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My first sight of Ini Dima-Okojie was on M-Net Africa Magic drama series “Battleground” where she played the role of Teni Bhadmus the daughter of a Lagos big man, Lagos bad man who is crooked under the guise of doing it for his family and, in many occasions, the character of Ini was caught in the web of her father’s intrigues, sharp practices, and schemes. Ini put in a strong performance in this show and after this, as things like this happen, I began to see her in films after films, more and more. Most recently I saw her in Ebony Film’s “Your Excellency” and despite her not having a reasonable input to the plot, I felt she didn’t do her reputation as a smart actress any harm (you can’t blame the star for a film that runs all over the place – this one is on Funke Akindele). Here are all the facts you need to know about Ini Dima-Okojie.

Age and state

Ini was born in Lagos in June 1990. She is the last of a family of four born to her parents. Ini attended Air Force Primary School and Air Force Comprehensive School for her high school. Ini Dima has a degree from Covenant University where she studied International Relations and knowing she was called to be in the make-believe industry, she went abroad and came back with an acting course from the prestigious New York Film Academy.

In a country, where a sizeable number of the populace still Googles things like what is the state of origin of Ini Dima-Okojie, we feel this post won’t be complete if we don’t include the fact that Dima is from the Esan group of Edo State which makes Nancy Isime her sister. If you ever get involved in an argument about which state has the most beautiful women in Nigeria, remember Ini and Nancy and say the truth.

Ini Dima-Okojie is 29 years old.

Ii Dima-Okojie Career

Ini Okojie used to be an investment banker and was well-paid but somehow she wasn’t happy with the job because she was sure she wasn’t fulfilled regardless of how much money she was making and she decided to change career. When she left her job her father was slower in appreciating how/why someone would want to leave a steady job to the unpredictable waters of the arts.

When Ini returned to Nigeria from studying films in the US, she didn’t hit the screen big time. No, it was much slower. First, she finds herself in a role behind the camera as a production assistant. It was here that she decided that she could do this – be in front of the camera and she did it. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as just wanting to do it and doing it, Ini herself has confessed to the role determination and dedication to that cause made her career. You may have heard this elsewhere and you will be right but that doesn’t make Ini Dima-Okojie wrong.

Her first TV credit came in “Taste of Love” a drama series commissioned by Globacom which aired on African Magic and STV and which starred Blossom Chukwujekwu and Lilian Esoro. Ini was also in “Desperate Housewives Africa” which also has Femi Branch and Joseph Benjamin as part of the cast.

See About Uche Jombo

Her breakout role is usually put as “North East” the film by Iroko TV in which she played the role of Hadiza Ahmed, a Hausa Muslim girl with a fanatic father who is in love with an Igbo Christian man called Emeka played by OC Ukeje.  Later, she would say of this role, “For me, performing is all about finding that balance between subtle and effective and I think playing Hadiza in I really did that for me.”

Ini was also in GT Bank-commissioned “Skinny Girl in Transit” via NdaniTV on Youtube. Her other credits include “Vanity Last Game” and “Battleground” both on MNet, “A Bone to Pick”, “5ive” a web series by and more recently, “[k]PALI” directed by Ladi Johnson, “Royale Hibiscus Hotel”, “On The Real”, etc.

While it is hard to put Ini in a pigeon hole, her career so far has seen her act mainly the role of an enlightened Hausa girl and a hot fashionable Lagosian the peak of the latter coming from her role of Teni Bhadmus on “Battleground” (and her chemistry with Shaffy Bello who played her mother is powerful).

Fashionable Ini

On the matter of fashion, she told Guardian Nigeria that “It’s so important. it’s not just clothes, it’s almost who you are. It’s what people think about when they see you.” A sort of wearing your soul on your body. Konbini on a profile they did on her fashion sense and style describes her style as “versatile and adventurous” and adds that “even though she knows what works for her body, she never looks the same.”

See about the other Uche

Asked about her future in the fashion world, she said, “I don’t have any plans right now but I know I cannot leave this world without doing something in that field.” Hold your breath.

Ini Dima-Okojie – Relationship

It is annoying and frustrating how Nigerian celebrities especially the womenfolks will never be open with whom they are going out. From Lota Chukwu to Meg Otanwa and Beverly Naya, we are kept in the dark. Even the older class is never open with their romantic side, from Rita Dominic to now-single Tonto Dikeh (Is Genevieve even married?). They never say. They only want to show us engagement rings on whitewashed fingers and brag about the biggest wedding ever which we won’t be attending in Dubai or Cape Town. It is so frustrating. Someone should do a research on this because what I think about the whole thing is not palatable. Why hide your man like dirty laundry if you only have one man?

Well, I don’t have a clue as to who Ini Dima-Okojie dates or ever dated. The only thing I have is the picture of her dream man. In late 2019, she said: “My ideal man must be someone that is kind, God-fearing, understanding and most importantly, someone that communicates. These are traits that stand out for me.”

Image source: Vanguard Nigeria

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