Hanne Jacobsen – Age, Career, And Relationship With Mads Mikkelsen

Hanne Jacobsen

For Generation Z, Hanne Jacobsen may seem a strange name, especially if you’re not from Denmark and nearby or not familiar with the Danish movie industry or do not know her spouse. Case in point, some might not know much about Hanne but they know she is married to the famous Mads Mikkelsen. Whichever side you find yourself on, do not worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you. Or pretended to.

Hanne didn’t make it keeps anything outside her career away from the media and public but we’ve been able to gather things. The fact is that Hanne Jacobsen has grown too big for her to successfully keep the bloggers’ nose off her stuff. To add fire to the pyre, she married a celebrity.

Here is everything we know about her so far.

How old is Hanne Jacobsen?

Haven’t found any records about her parents and relatives, we do know that Hanne was born and raised in her beloved country, Denmark. She started her career as a dancer from a very young age and steadily grew into stardom and the hearts of her fans. Her life before fame is unknown to us but Hanne is the only child of her parents. The Dane dancer celebrated her 60th birthday on the 13th of January 2021.

Hanne Jacobsen career

Hanne Jacobsen, also pronounced as Hannah Jacobson, is a famous Professional Dancer and Choreographer from Denmark. This was her only career until 1994 when she made her debut on the Danish film, a Christmas calendar special titled “Alletiders Jul”. She made quite a name for herself that she later featured in two other Christmas calendar specials, “Alletiders Nisse” in 1995, and “Pyrus I Alletiders Eventyr” in 2000. “Alletiders Jul” was re-broadcasted in 2004 and 2016 on Denmark’s TV2.

These appearances gave her fame a huge boost not just in Denmark but all over Europe.

When did Hanne Jacobsen get married to Mads Mikkelsen and how did they meet?

It is somewhat disturbing that you see more of Mads Mikkelsen when you google Hanne Jacobsen, given the fact that she was already a star before she met her husband. Hanne met the famous Mikkelsen before he entered the movie industry. In fact, Mikkelsen was a professional dancer just like Hanne when they first met.

Mikkelsen was dressed like a Chinese woman for a performance when she first set eyes on him, it must have been a very funny moment for the both of them as Mikkelsen is said to have a woman’s leg. This made Danish women’s magazines refer to him as the sexiest man in the country as at then. Mads Mikkelsen later moved to the movie industry. He is mostly known for playing “Le Chiffre” in James Bond’s “Casino Royale”. He has featured in several other movies and Tv shows like “Hannibal”.

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It is worth mentioning that he will be replacing Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beast III”.

Hanne and Mikkelsen’s relationship is one of those that have stood the test of time, constantly growing unlike the relationship of most celebrities today. They started dating in 1987 and finally settled down on the 2nd of December 2000. They are parents to two beautiful children, Viola born in 1992, and Carl born in 1997. The couple lived in Copenhagen until 2012 when they moved to Toronto, Canada, for Mads Mikkelsen to take on the eponymous role in NBC’s “Hannibal”.

Hanne Jacobsen’s height and net worth

Danes are quite tall and the average height of a Danish woman is 5 feet 5 inches or 1.5 meters. The Actress/Dancer is 5 feet 3 inches tall or 1.6 meters.

Hanne Jacobsen’s Net worth is not known. But if it is true what they say, that what belongs to the husband also belongs to the wife, then she’s worth about $14 million US Dollars.

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