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Hannah Gross

Hannah Gross is not exactly what you call a one-movie actor. But most of the times her name is mentioned, people (sub)consciously think of the character of Debbie Mitford in “Mindhunter” the crime thriller on Netflix. Here are all the things we believe you need to know about the Toronto-born star.

Hannah Gross parents are famous actors

Hanna Gross was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1990. She was born to a couple who has made livings off the screen. Her father is Paul Gross is an actor who is also a producer, a director, a singer, and, also, a writer.

Paul Gross was born in 1959 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His mother was a writer and art historian which might have been where he got his immense talents from. Gross started as a stage actor, acting a lot of Shakespeares and killing it. Although he made his debut in 1989 in a film called “Cold Comfort” it took him nearly twenty years to appear in a show that really put his name out there.

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“Due South” is a Canadian television series that dealt on the theme of crime with a strong touch of comedy. Gross was so good in his role of police officer Benton Fraser that at a point in the course of the show, he was the highest-earning Canadian actor on TV.

More on her parents

Hannah Gross mother is called Martha Burns. Like her husband, she started off on the stage where she displayed so much mastery of the art of Thespians that she got a role for TV. She appeared in the series “Slings and Arrows”. She went on to appear in dozens of other shows including “Due South” in which she co-starred with her husband.

Martha Burns was born in Chicago but grew up and studied in Canada. Martha married Paul Gross in 1988 and the two are blessed with two children Jack and a certain Hannah Gross.

Hannah Gross career began in 2002

Unlike her parents, the bulk of Hannah’s credits come from Hollywood. Her first movie is “Men With Broom”, a Canadian romantic comedy from 2002. Gross wasn’t credited for her role in the movie but she was there so she was there.

After this, Ms. Gross appeared in two films before enduring an eight-year-long hiatus which ended in 2013 and saw her acting obscure or short films. Hannah’s biggest credit came in 2017 when she played Debbie Mitford for Netflix.

Some of her notable films include “Christmas, Again”, the romantic film acted and released in 2014, the Canadian and Irish collaboration picture “Unless”, and the science fiction “Marjorie Prime”.

Hannah Gross used to be darker

We don’t mean her complexion, we are referring to a 2013 independent film titled “I Used To Be Darker”. The film was shot in Maryland with a whopping budget of 42,394 dollars. We don’t mean 42 million dollars, we mean 42 thousand dollars plus. An amount that cost less than the price of a spa session in Los Angeles.

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The film got positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic. It went on to win the Best Narrative Feature at the Berlin International Film Festival, in 2013; and at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, its director, Matthew Porterfield. won the award for Best Director. The film flopped in the box office where it earned about 22 thousand dollars just about the money rich goons spend on their haircut in Las Vegas.

She is single

By single, we mean she is yet unmarried. We do not mean she is in no relationship which could well be the reality on ground. We have no clue, but we do know that she once told a magazine that her best advice was to avoid being in a serious relationship in her mid-twenties.

Hannah was born in September 1990. She cannot with a straight face claim to be in her mid-twenties, so what’s going on? We have no clue. If anything changes, you will not be the first to know. We will be lucky to even find out. If we hear anything new about Hannah Gross’ romantic life, a sleepy editor will ask a lazy staff writer to update this post, the staff writer will hand over the assignment to a forgetful sub writer and the job will never be done. The story of us.

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