Hanna Hall: Everything You Need To Know

Hanna Hall

Since bursting onto the entertainment scene in 1994, Hanna Hall has been able to convince viewers that her acting talent is not a fluke. The actor who played the role of Yonge Jenny Curran in Forest Gump is so big now in the industry. The question many would ask is how big is her career and how many movies has she appeared? for all the questions, here is everything you need to know about the actor.

Hanna Hall: Age and bio

Hanna Hall is 36 years old. She was born on July 9, 1984, in Denver, Colorado. There’s no much information about her parents or siblings save for the family moved around while she was still little. When she was aged 2, her family moved into the mountains but she stayed put in Colorado until her eighteenth birthday. Hanna picked interest in the acting industry when she attended Nina Axelrod’s open casting call for Robert Zemeckis’s Forrest Gump which gave her the role of Jenny Curran.

She attended the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, Colorado, where she graduated in 2002. After her graduation, she moved to  Hawaii, and after a while relocated to Los Angeles. Growing up, the transit life became part of her itinerary as she finally moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she attended the Vancouver Film School.

NB: Hanna Hall should not be confused with Buffalo basketball player Hanna hall, the daughter of Len and Karen Hall.

Hanna Hall: Career

After appearing in “Forest Gump” as a child actor, Hanna Hall leveraged on the opportunity to build an acting career for herself. She played the role of  Maybeth Tillerman an orphan in the 1996 film “Homecoming”. The film was loosely based on Cynthia Voigt’s novel which follows the story of four children who were abandoned by their mother and left to fend for themselves.

She auditioned for the role of Lux Lisbon in Sofia Coppola’s film adaptation of “The Virgin Suicides” but was considered too young for the part so she was cast as Cecilia Lisbon instead. Hanna continued to make minor appearances here and there, waiting for her big break in the industry. In 2007, she appeared in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” as Judith. The film happens to be a remake of the 1978 horror film of the same name and the ninth instalment in the Halloween franchise. It received rave reviews and was a box office success. Hanna also appeared in the independent comedy “American Cowslip” opposite Val Kilmer, Diane Ladd, and Cloris Leachman.

Her acting flame burned brightly as she appeared in films like “Scalene”, “A Numbers Game”, “Text” and “Visible Scars”. She also made guest appearances in “Criminal Minds” and “Masters of Sex”.  As she grew in the industry, she developed herself quite well and in 2012, she started working as a theatre director in Venice, California, directing underground plays.

Who is Hanna Hall dating?

Who is Hanna Hall dating? This is a question back to you, not that we don’t know her relationship status. You might not have enough time to play this game with us and your patience must be getting thinner. The actress is currently single. She has not been single all her life because we know she had a past relationship that didn’t work out with actor Gustavo Carr. That was between 2006-2009. However, it would be entirely difficult to process that Hanna could be single for more than a decade now. The actor might be in a relationship with someone who bloggers don’t know or who bloggers know but can’t get a scoop from. Whatever the case might be, we will find out very soon.

She has a net worth of 500 th0usand dollars. She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68 meters.

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