Gisella Aboumrad – Five Fast Facts You Need To Know

Gisella Aboumrad

Gisella Aboumrad is a Mexican actress of comedic persuasions who is popular in the Spanish-speaking entertainment world, shuttling between Miami and New York in the United States. Here is everything we know about her broken into five fast facts.

Gissella Aboumrad was born in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the Americas as it was founded by the indigenous Indians long before Europeans hit the New World (only one other city has this distinction in the New World). While it boasts under 10% of the country’s population, it accounts for more than 20% of its GDP.

Never a bad guess to say Mexico for someone you don’t know where they were born in Mexico City. Gissella was born in Mexico City in December 1979.

She is 42 years old.

Her first credit was in 1999

Gisella Aboumrad made her first appearance on the screen in “DKDA, Dreams of Youth” or “DKDA, Sueños de Juventud es” in its native Spanish. She made only one appearance as a guest but one is enough for a star. She seized the opportunity with both hands.

Between 2000 and 2021, she was in “Angel Face” or “Carita de Ángel” in its native Spanish, a children’s telenovela produced in Mexico by Televisa. She made appearances in four episodes. For this role, she was nominated by the National Association of Journalists as “Revelation of The Year”

Gisella Aboumrad went to the US in 2011

What took her to the United States was education and to hone her acting skills.  Her first show in the Us was “Brave Heart” ( “Corazon Valiente”), a telenovela produced by Telemundo Studios for Telemundo in 2012. Having signed by Telemundo Studios, she was involved in other successful soap operas including, “Forbidden Passion” (“Pasion Prohibida” in Spanish), and the gossip show “Suelta La Sopa”.

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In 2015, she joined the cast of “Who is who?” (“Quien es Quien”) a telenovela produced by Telemundo Studios for Telemundo, an adaptation of the Chilean telenovela titled “Amores de Mercado” produced in 2001 and the fourth show for Telemundo.

She continued to make appearances in mostly Hispanic shows notably “Cosita Linda” (“Cute Little Thing”), an American-Venezuelan telenovela made by Venevisión International Productions in conjunction with Univision Studios and distributed by Cisneros Media Distribution in 2014.

She made her name as a late-night comedian for “Sabado Gigante” or “Gigantic Saturday” in English from her new hometown in Miami.

She is unmarried

But is she dating someone? Well, we read an online publication which promised info about her boyfriend and exes. So we read more than four hundred words only to be told they have no idea. BS. We can say for sure she is not married but she could be in a relationship. She isn’t just the type to have the whole world know about it.

If we hear anything, you won’t be the first to know. We promise.

She is not broke

Gisella Aboumrad came to the United States for pastures green. She hit the ground running with a series of telenovelas in her native tongue and a couple in English. She is 1.7 meters (just over 5 feet five inches) tall. She is not broke.

She is said to be worth over 3 million dollars.

Image source: American Post