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This post ought to be 13 Reasons Why Giorgia Whigham is so hot, so famous or so insert your adjective, in relation to her Netflix appearance in 13 Reason Why. But that would have been too predictable, so here are all the things you need to know about the rising star brought to you in the form of three questions.

How old is Giorgia Whigham?

Giorgia Whigham is what Chinua Achebe would call a child of just yesterday. You don’t know who Chinua Achebe is nor what this means? Never mind. Ms. Whigham was born in 1997. She was born in New York City and fathered by a certain Shea Whigham.

A certain Shea Whigham who happens to be an actor. And, come to look at it closely, you should know Whigham. He was in “Fast & Furious” and “Fast & Furious 6”. And you might not still have caught the face. He wasn’t a major character in both of these films.

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But he was in “Death Note”, the supernatural thrilling film where a devilish character has the main character write what he desired to have happen to people he doesn’t like and this thing happens to them. You could write, terrible accident and a tanker would hit them into a river and a shark would swallow them and the shark would collide with an iceberg and break into a thousand pieces. Don’t you wish you have this note every election year?

Ironically, Shea began to act the same year Giorgia was born, appearing in one episode of the horror series “Ghost Stories” on The Family Channel.

There is little information on her mother and the matter of other siblings, and on other fine details like where the starlet went to school, her interests and all that. This is normal. Giorgia is just getting into the industry, with time, her history down into thousands on the web pages and it would get to a time that even when she picks her nose, a blogger would make a new post.

Where is Giorgia Whigham from?

There are questions, there are ridiculous questions, and there are questions that drive us crazy. Giorgia Whigham was born in the village of Nyamira Kang’o, in Siaya County, in Nyanza Province, some 351 kilometers off Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in East Africa. When she was four years old, she went into the beach, stepped into the Indian Ocean and swam towards the Cape of Good Hope, rounded past South Africa, swam through the Atlantic until she landed on the shore of New York City.

That is the only interesting thing we can think of as to the question of where Whigham is from. Who wants the truth when the reality on the ground is so boring. We already mentioned in the section before this that Youthful Whigham was born in New York City. Kenya is her alternative fact and it is the most interesting one.

What series and movies has she appeared in?

Giorgia Whigham began her acting career quite recently. Hearing her name, you would have sworn she has spent up to a decade in Hollywood. Her first movie was a certain short film called “Pinky”. She must have done well in this movie as she won the right to appear in a couple of shows.

She was in “Shameless” the comedy-drama on Showtime. She was in the animated series on Fox “Son of Zorn”. She was in Netflix teen drama “13 Reasons Why” where she played the role of Kat in two episodes.

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Giorgia Whigham’s biggest TV appearances include “The Punisher” also on Netflix and the third season of “Scream” the mysterious anthological series on VH1. For the former, she was in the main cast in the first season and played a recurring role in the second season.

In all, Whigham was in three films. Besides her debut movie, she was in the teen comic drama “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” (on Netflix) and “Saving Zoë” recently released and so far, doing good negative rounds.

Other Facts

Giorgia is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) tall. She weighs 55 kg (In Pound – 121 lbs). She wears the 32A bra size. In a banana figure of 32-24-34 body measurement.

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