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Gerald McRaney

Gerald McRaney has played so many roles in his five decades acting stint in Hollywood. Outside the acting industry, he has had his share of marriages. There are important (and not so important) facts about him you may not know. And we know these. See all the details about him here.

1. Gerald McRaney was born in Collins

Gerald McRaney was born in Collins, Mississippi, to Edna McRaney and Clyde McRaney. He has a brother named Buddy and a sister named Anne. The high school he attended has not been made public but what has been publicized is the injuries which forced him out of the school football team at the age of 14.

Dropping out of the school football team became a blessing in disguise as he turned to the school drama club appearing in so many plays earning himself nicknames like Mac, Macky or Mackie. His interest in acting did not fizzle out in high school, Gerald went on to major in drama at the University of Mississippi.

After graduation, Gerald got a job as assistant manager with a New Orleans Repertory Company and became heavily involved in some of the on-stage productions of the company. For six months, he earned extra money on the side as a mud-logger in the rich oil fields of the State of Louisiana before he mimicked Shakespearean recordings to lose a regional dialect. Gerald McRaney is currently 72 years old. He was born on August 19, 1947.

2. He is jealous

Gerald McRaney played the role of a jealous boyfriend as well as a jealous race car driver on CBS television series “The Incredible Hulk”. However, he made his film debut in the 1969 film “Night of Bloody Horror” as Wesley Stuart.

Gerald’s talent in acting flourished mostly in the television series, he mostly kept a thin appearance in films. He appeared in one episode of CBS police procedural drama series “Hawaii Five-O” as a heroin-addicted Vietnam War veteran Tim Ryder.

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Gerald McRaney is famous for his role in the detective television series “Simon&Simon” on CBS. He played the role of Rick Simon, United States Marine Corps Vietnam veteran with a penchant for cowboy boots, denim, and four-wheel-drive pickups. While his brother Andrew Jackson who ran the same San Diego private detective agency with him had things that appealed to him most than military wears. The series was arguably the best series of his acting career.

Gerald McRaney appeared on CBS drama series “Promised Land” as Russell Greene up to 68 episodes of the series. He appeared as billionaire Raymond Tusk on Netflix’s political web thriller series “House of Cards” who has an energy corporation company that specializes in Nuclear power. In his five decades in the movie industry, Gerald McRaney has appeared in many television series and has won a Primetime Award for his role as Dr. Nathan Katowski on NBC comedy-drama series “This Is Us”.

3. Gerald McRaney met his third wife in a Luncheon

Gerald met his third wife Delta Burke when he appeared as a guest in an episode of “Simons & Simons” in 1987. Gerald moved to appear in the same film with her, playing the role of an ex-husband to Delta Burke in the television series “Designing Women”.

Previously, he married Beverly A. Root in 1966 and they welcome two children together. The marriage however ended in divorce in 1971. In November 1981, he married casting director Pat Moran in and the union produced one child before it ended in divorce in 1989. His marriage with Delta Burke is still intact as of 2019. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004 and the same year, he had successful surgery in Houston Texas.

4. He supports veterans and soldiers

Gerald McRaney shows has been showing amazing support to the military, not in the films where he played military roles but outside of the screen. Although he is not a US veteran, he has made support visits to soldiers in Operation Desert Storm. He has also visited sailors and Marines who were on board ships in Toulon France, celebrating Thanksgiving with them in the year 1993 as well as signing autographs.

Gerald also visited troops during Operation Restore Hope in Somalia in 1993 has appeared in commercials for the Wounded Warrior Project. Outside his love for our veterans, he is also sound in politics. He endorsed late President George H.W Bush for reelection in 1992 and also supported Republican candidate John McCain for president in 2008.

5. Gerald McRaney has a fat net worth

Five decades in the acting industry and Gerald McRaney has a net worth of 8 million dollars. A big deal no matter how you want to see this. No one knows for sure when he is dropping his acting gloves, but if he goes home to rest with this amount, he hasn’t done badly as an actor.

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