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If you have been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series six consecutive times, then you are not an average comedian and it doesn’t matter if you won the award or not. Whenever the name of George Wendt is mentioned, there are low whispers of his first job which was sweeping the theater floors and meeting his wife, but George’s details is much more than that and here are five questions about him answered.

How old is George Wendt?

He was born on October 17, 1948, to Loretta Mary (née Howard) and George Robert Wendt, an officer in the Navy and a realtor n the Beverly neighborhood on the southwestern side of Chicago, Illinois. His maternal grandfather was photographer Tom Howard who snapped the infamous 1928 picture of murderer Ruth Snyder at the moment of her execution in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison. The picture later made it to the New York Daily News’ front page.

George attended Campion High School in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. However, he was expelled from the University of Notre Dame after he received a poor grade of 0.00 GPA in the first semester of his junior year. He moved to Jesuit Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri, where he bagged a B.A. in economics.

He is of Irish and one-quarter German descent.

George Wendt is 71 years old.

Career: Who played the role of Norm Peterson in Cheers?

Perhaps one of his biggest roles on TV. After he appeared in the 1980 film “Bodyguard”, it looked like it was going to take a generation for him to have a breakthrough in the acting industry but it didn’t take forever for him to have his breakout role in the NBC sitcom “Cheers”. He played the role of Norm Peterson, a drunk who doubles as an employed accountant. He was a season regular until the show ended in 1993.

He has appeared in other television series like “Columbo”, where he played the role of a thoroughbred horse owner in the 1995 episode Strange Bedfellows. He also appeared as a celebrity fisherman in the music video for Cobra Verde’s “Riot Industry” along with Rudy Ray Moore.

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He also starred in the short-lived “The George Wendt Show”, which featured him as a garage mechanic with a radio show

If you have wondered how much George Wendt made from “Cheers”, we might be able to help you.

George Wendt had a long stay on the set of “Cheers”. He made so many memories in the show, he also made money as well as each episode was a transformation to his account balance. No one is certain how much he made in the show, however, his net worth is put at a handsome 45 million dollars and while he did not rake in all this money from “Cheers”, it had a significant input to his total income today.

How tall is George Wendt?

He is not a giant. George Wendt is 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters in height. There are those who wonder aloud if George Wendt is still alive. He is as is obvious from reading this thus far. If he wasn’t we wouldn’t have continually referred to him in the present tense. He is very much alive, as of the time of writing this, we must add. He is married to Bernadette and they have three children: Hilary Joe and Daniel. He could be in Illinois self-isolating in the wake of Coronavirus or he could be playing with his grandchildren in his garden.

George Wendt is a Notre Dame football fan.

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