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Geoffrey Arend

Geoffrey Arend is an actor, a voice artist, and a theater star. He started his career near the end of the last millennium and has gone on to rake in dozens of credits, some big roles, some small roles, and some so so. This is not the time to wade into the unflattering water of criticism. This is supposed to be an introduction. As it is, I have now exceeded the words allocated for this section. Here are all the facts you need to know about Geoffrey R. Arend.

Geoffrey Arend has a mixed heritage

Geoffrey Arend was born in Manhattan, New York City. He was born on February 28, 1978. His father is white and drives his ancestry from Germany and England while his mother is from Pakistan. A lot is not known about the star’s early life and education. But we do know that he graduated from New York City’s LaGuardia High School of Music and Art & the Performing Arts in 1996.

He is a speechwriter

Geoffrey Arend was in the political TV series “Madam Secretary” on CBS which began airing in 2014. Arend plays the role of Matt Mahoney, the speechwriter to the lead and title character player Tea Leoni. He is part of the main cast of the five seasons that has been aired in the show. The sixth and final season is expected to premiere in October 2019.

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Earlier on, between 2011 and 2013, he was part of “Body of Proof” the medical drama on ABC. These two should be his most prominent roles on TV. There was “Daria” the animated series on MTV in which he featured in 21 episodes but this a voice role and does not count as much as regular act for many. And the voice aspect is one of Arend’s strongest points as he has a lot of voice roles including more than half a dozen video games.

On films, he has had relative success. He was in “50 Days of Summer”, a romantic comedic film from 2009. In this movie, he played the supporting role of McKenzie who works in a greeting card company and who is close friends with the lead characters who just couldn’t bring themselves to love each other despite their obvious feelings. Most of Arend’s other film credits were small roles.

He is married to Christina Hendricks

Geoffrey Arend got married to Christina Hendricks in 2009. You should know Christina. She was born Christina Rene Hendricks in May 1975 which puts her at nearly three years older than her man. And it is not just age, she seems to be more successful in their chosen career of acting. And she is a big influence. She packs a massive 42 inches breasts and according to research by British plastic surgeons, in 2010, one out of the ten women who had their breasts increased had Ms. Hendricks as an inspiration. It was in this same period that women voted her the sexiest woman alive on Esquire Magazine. We should write a full post about this beautiful redhead.

You should know Christina. She is a subject of six Emmy Award nominations. She was in AMC series “Mad Men”, Showtime’s “Beggars and Choosers” and UPN’s short-lived “Kevin Hills”. She is worth eight million dollars and people who throw spanners at work will claim she is worth much more than her husband but this is not what we intend to do here. This is not the kind of site we run here.

Geoffrey Arend has no plans to have children

Geoffrey Arend and his wife Christina have no plans to bring little Geoffreys and Christinas to the world. In October 2014, the Daily Mail, it has to be them reported that the couple are not interested in having kids. “We’ve decided that we are not really interested in having children,” she announced. She said the couple own a puppy and that is their idea of starting a family.

On what Mr. Arend thinks of this, she said, “Really, he’s sweet and he’s happy for me.” This sentence brings up a barrel of questions. Happy for you to maintain your figure and massive boobs? and other such judgmentalistic questions. We will not go there.

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Christina says there is a small chance she will change her mind. Five years later and ten years into their marriage, Christina (and husband) are yet to change her (their) mind.

Geoffrey Arend has a small net worth

You know the world is drawing to an end when bloggers who earn less than ten dollars per article looks up some celebrity’s net income and call it small because they have a crazy idea of how much a celebrity should earn and how much they shouldn’t. If only bloggers publish how much they pay their hirelings, there will be more respect attached at the incomes of people who work their ass out to entertain you.

Geoffrey Arend’s net worth is put at one million dollars. Mr. Arend began acting in 1998. More than twenty years, more than fifty acting credits, he has one million dollars to show for it. This is a poor return on every ramification, whatever you say about blogger’s staffers’ income.

Arend is 6 feet 2 inches (or 1.9 m) tall.

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