Geneva Carr: How Old, Career, Full Facts

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Geneva Carr

She’s come a long way since she joined the cast of hit CBS television series Bull. Her lifestyle might not be the envy of many but what Geneva Carr brings to the entertainment industry is truly remarkable, something many would be proud to be associated with. Here is everything about the actress you need to know.

Geneva Carr: How Old?

The actress was born on May 6, 1971, to George and Phylis in Jackson, Mississippi. Her family lived in Michigan before they moved to Atlanta where she attended high school. She has two brothers George Carr II and Joseph Carr. Geneva studied French at the prestigious Mount Holyoke College. Perhaps in order to perfect her knowledge with the French language, she moved to Paris where she bagged an MBA from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris.

Geneva Carr is one year shy away from the big 50. She is 49 years old.

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Geneva landed a French bank job on Wall Street but soon had to quit after she saw an Off-Broadway play that challenged her acting talent she threw under the bus of the French language. After quitting her job, she enrolled to study acting at the Actors Studio alongside Jane Hoffman, but in order to make ends meet, she worked as a bartender and hostess in Manhattan wavy spots like Pastis and The Waverly Inn. She was also booked for voice-overs, as she prepared for an acting career.

Geneva Carr: Career

Geneva Carr appeared in a series of AT&T commercials and in 1997, she made her first television appearance in an episode of “Spin City” as Kathy. The following year, she made her motion picture debut in the movie “Restaurant” as a funeral guest. Most of her earlier roles on TV were mainly in episodes.

In 2002, she played the role of a delivery nurse in the romantic comedy-drama television series “Sex and the City”. Between 2005-2009, she had a long time on TV as she played the role of Faith Yancy in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”. For someone who was inspired by an Off-broadway play, it was expected (but not mandatory) that she would make a Broadway appearance and the opportunity came in 2015 in the play “Hand to God” where she starred as Margery a widow whose husband recently died. To ensure that she is not idle, her minister, Pastor Greg, has asked her to run the puppet club.

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Hand to God opened on Broadway at the Booth Theatre on April 7, 2015. The play earned her a Tony Award nomination and made her more popular. In 2016, she joined the cast of CBS legal drama television series “Bull” as Marissa Morgan, a psychologist and neurolinguistics expert, who is second-in-command of Bull’s team, and licensed sex therapist. The series was renewed for its fifth season in May 2020. Geneva Carr is still active in the entertainment industry and no doubt has many things to offer.

Marriage, net worth, others

Geneva Carr is discreet when it comes to her private affairs. However, there is some information about her that still manages to hit the net. Her marriage with Yuji Yamazaki only lasted for 1 year and six months (26 June 2014 – 27 December 2015). Relationships and marriages can go sour and she is not the first celebrity to have a broken marriage very early. In fact, seeing the way couples sign divorce papers in Hollywood these days, Geneva Carr’s marriage seems to have lasted longer.

Geneva’s net worth is always a subject of confusion. There are sites that put her within the earning bracket of to 5 million dollars, others categorically state that is under review. Here, we care for accuracy and we will rather say that the actress has a growing net worth. She is 5 feet 3 inches in height or 1.6 meters tall.

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