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French Stewart is that kind of actor that you see in some darling role(s) from the 1990s, loved them and they have somehow remained in your consciousness decades later. And they have somehow maintained a medium status since then. What has this actor been up to? Here are all the facts you need to know.

Age and early life

French Stewart was born Milton French-Stewart in February 1964. He was born in Duke City which you probably know as Albuquerque, in New Mexico. He was born to a homemaking mother and a technical father (stepfather actually – there is no mention of his biological father).

Stewart attended Del Norte High School, a rather popular school in the state which had produced a handful of notable alumni, from a local wrestling champion to a Navy SEAL combatant.

French Stewart – career

French Stewart’s career began rather late in his life. He was in “The New WKRP in Cincinnati”, the second serving in the “WKRP in Cincinnati” series on CBS. He played the recurring role of a former monk who ended up an eccentric DJ called Razor Dee in the WKRK station. This was in 1992.

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From 1996 up to the end of the century and into the new one, he featured in what turned out to be his most extensive time on set; he played the role of Harry Solomon the “biggest idiot in the universe” on NBC’s “3rd Rock from the Sun”. In all, he featured in about 140 episodes.

His other TV credits include “Hercules: The Animated Series” on Disney for which he got a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for his voice act, in CBS’ “Mom”, and a host of other series where he played roles in between one and five episodes.

In the film aspect, he was in “Home Alone: Taking Back the House”, in “If I Knew I Was A Genius”, and in “30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. And in a dozen other movie titles with varied shades of ridiculousness.

French Stewart – marriages and daughter

Stewart got married twice. The first time, he was married in 1998 and remained so until he divorced his wife in 2009. You should know his first wife. She is the actress named Katherine LaNasa. She used to be a ballet dancer and choreographer but it was in the movies that she made her name. She was in the movies “Love Monkey”, “Deception”, and “Satisfaction”.

French Stewart was her second marriage. Before him, she was married to Dennis Hooper the actor and filmmaker. Katherine was not his first wife; she was not wife number two; heck, she wasn’t even the third wife. In all, Hooper was married five times and divorced five times.

Mr. Stewart’s second marriage is the woman with whom he is still married to today. She is Vanessa Claire Stewart, the New Orleans-born actress and writer whom you might never have seen on screen as she is most prominent in the writing and production aspect of Hollywood. And yes, Stewart was not her first husband. She was married –

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French Stewart has a child born to him by Vanessa. A daughter named Helene Claire Stewart and born in 2013, two years after French and Vanessa became man and wife.

What is French Stewart’s net worth?

Harry Solomon is worth 6 million dollars. It is always a surprise reading about the net worth of actors. Its lack of consistency will drive even the coldest brain surgeon mad. There are actors with nearly a hundred film credits who struggle to surpass the one million dollars net worth. Then others with a few dozen credits walk in and out of their banks smelling of money in the tune of ten million dollars.

The role the actors play, the quality of the movie or series and the fine line between the angle of perception and the manner of elevation when brought into the reckoning for due intangibility. All ramblings. No one knows for certain how these things work.

Harry Solomon is worth a huge sum of money and that is all that is that. Not Harry Solomon. French Stewart is worth six million dollars. Harry Solomon is just some silly character in the series “3rd Rock from the Sun”.

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