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Freakish Season 3

The guys who are making the horror series Freakish are just freaking everyone out with a delay of its third season. Since the season two ended around October 2017, fans have their eyes on the board for any news of the return of “Freakish”. They have been waiting patiently or perhaps not so patiently to know when season three will premiere on Hulu. With all the casting directors keeping quiet about the return of the series and the actors moving on to other endeavors, perhaps the show is not coming back any time soon. Here is everything we know about the return of season three.

Who created the series and how do I watch the series?

Beth Szymkowski created the series in 2016 after she jumped into screenwriting having had a successful career in print journalism. “Freakish” isn’t one of the first series she has written. In 2012, Beth Szymkowski wrote and produced “Runways” and helped in launching the marketing plan of the series for Awesomeness TV. The series was nominated for the Streamy Award for the best online drama of 2012.

She adapted the novel, “Oh, Baby,” for ABC Family, and wrote, “Meet the Murphys” for B.E.I. after rewriting the Missi Pyle/Emily Osment starred Soccer Mom. Beth is a regular blog contributor for

The series is expected to be streamed on Hulu if it ever returns. Hulu is a subscription video-on-demand service fully controlled and majority-owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, a business segment of The Walt Disney Company. “Freakish” is produced by AwesomenessTV.

Freakish: The Concept

The horror series tells the story of a group of high school teenagers who were trapped inside their school when a nearby chemical plant explodes as they struggle to survive against mutants. If you’ve seen “The Walking dead” you will surely have a glimpse of what the storyline of the series tends to achieve.

The season one of the series premiered on October 10, 2016, featuring stars like Leo Howard as Grover Jones a high school student who becomes a survivor at the high school after attending detention so that he can spend time with his crush, Violet Adams and Liza Koshy as Violet Adams: a high school student who becomes a survivor in the school after getting detention for her lack of patience and tendency to lash out. The season one contained 10 episodes while the second season returned on October 18, 2019, with the same number of episodes.

Chicago Med Season Three Cast

Following the suspense level when season 2 ended and a loyal fan base watching the teen horror series it would be very unfair for the season to just end in season 2.

There will be no Freakish Season 3

In July 2018, it was reported that the series has been canceled meaning that there would be no “Freakish Season 3”. It was that kind of news fans were not expecting because the show had much to offer and it feels like an abandoned building. With this blow “Freakish” has joined other series where fans have to create a conclusion in their heads. There are some who would blame themselves for even watching the series in the first place as it ended halfway, and more than some would curse Hulu, the makers, the actors and everyone remotely connected with the series.

And there are quite a number who are still living in the denial of the show being canceled. They are somehow expecting the show to pull off a Lazarus and come back to life. A word to them, don’t waste your expectations on a dead horse.

Freakish Season 3: What critics say about the series?

The series witnessed mixed reviews from critics. Sonia Saraiya, a film critic who writes for Variety described the show as “a silly, lightweight half-hour, somewhere between horror thriller and teen soap” and ultimately said, “The show never quite becomes interesting enough to transcend either the dully predictable beats of zombie horror or the plodding angst of young adulthood.”

Neil Genzlinger who writes for The New York Times said of the show “Here in the age of zombie TV, lots about ‘Freakish’ seems familiar, but with the episodes shorter than a half-hour each, the series goes down easily.” One reviewer described the series as “The Walking Dead” meets “The Breakfast Club”. Other reviewers praised the YouTube celebs made up the majority of the cast. 

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