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Faye Kingslee

Being a good actor or actress is not easy, it takes years of constant practice and a mastering of the art. Even though we have a lot of actors on Hollywood rosters with decades of experience, they are still learning how to win the hearts of fans, critics and an ordinary viewer.  Faye Kingslee has a gift that is hard to come by these days in the entertainment world and here is everything you should know about her.

Faye Kingslee is popularly known for playing Mia in “Legend of the Seeker” and the role of Timekeeper Jane in “In Time”. She’s also a writer, producer, and voice actor.

Faye Kingslee Speaks Three Languages

Faye Kingslee is an Aussie born in Western Australia, when she was a year old, she moved to Borneo, an island divided among Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. This is the only Island in the world managed by three countries. She was born to a Chinese father and an Irish mother.

Faye attended Victoria College of Arts, cinematography and film/video, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Advertising. She also attended acting classes at the NYU Tish Asia campus in Singapore. Faye is a poet, singer, and dancer in art school but chose to pursue acting as a career.

Due to her traveling around Faye has lived in several cities such as New York, Kuching, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Miri, it is believed that she presently resides in Los Angeles. Faye can speak English, Chinese, and another Asian Language called Malay. This one means one thing, more money.

Faye is a Creator and Founder

Short Film Weekend is a company created and founded in 2010 by Faye Kingslee, it is an online channel that produces original digital content like web series, commercials, skits, and shorts.

Faye entered a Transit Flicks video contest called the Heartbeat of LA, she wrote, produced, and acted her piece which won her the Grand Prize. She earned herself a mentorship session with the legendary Producer, Ian Bryce when she came second place for the Producer Guild of America Debra Hill Short contest with her produced short “Group Ethos”.

Faye Kingslee was Nominated Twice for an Award

The 5 foot 4 inches tall actress is also a voice-over actor for animations and video games. She is famous for her role as Faith Connors in “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” (2008), Citra Talugmai in “Far Cry 3” (2012).

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She also provided the voice and motion capture for the game character Nico and motion capture subject for Trish in “Devil May Cry 5” (2019). Other games featured include “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”, “Guidance of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series”, and “Halo Wars 2”.

Faye Kingslee was Nominated Twice in 2017 for Behind The Voice Actors Awards (video games voice acting award), first for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Video Game: As the voice of “Faith Connors”, and Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game: “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst”.


Faye Kingslee has appeared in over 20 Films/Tv Shows

Faye’s debut was in 2009’s “Er ren” (short), where she played the lead. As a writer, she was applauded for her contribution in 2013 to the documentary “Liberty”.

Faye’s talent has earned her numerous roles in the industry, some of her major works include “Members only” in 2010, “Legend of The Seeker” 2008 – 2010, “In Time” 2011, “Intelligence” 2014, “Robot Wars”, and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” 2016.

Faye’s Love life

Like most celebrities today, Faye’s love life is off the radar. There is no record about her previous lover(s) but based on research it is believed that Faye is not married and is presently not in a relationship as of the time this article was published. However, If Faye starts seeing someone, you will be the first to know from us.

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