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Erika Christensen

If you want to learn How To Rob a Bank, Erika Christensen has lessons for you. She is that kind of an actor. But we know you are not here for that – or so it seems. For your questions, we have gathered all the answers, covering aspects such as her career and personal life. We go.

1. How Old is Erika Christensen?

Erika Christensen is 37 years old. She was born on August 19, 1982, in Seattle, Washington to an Insurance agent father Steven Christensen and a construction manager mother Kathy. Erika has three brothers Nick (half-brother), then Dane and Brando the twins. Dane was in the film “The Upside of Anger”. Is she related to actress Julia Stiles? No. However, the two stars look very much like twins. And we must also add, the actress is not related to the Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen.

Erika started learning how to dance and act with her friends at a very tender age before the family moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. It was in Los Angeles that her passion in the show business intensified forcing her to be homeschooled.

At the age of 13, she was already in the commercials of McDonalds and Volvo, soon she appeared in other TV commercials and print campaigns.

2. What year did she make her acting debut?

Erika Christensen made her acting debut in the year 1997. She landed a minor role in the television series “Nothing Sacred” as Romy Carrol. In the same year, she also made her film debut in “Leave it to the Beaver” as Karen L. Connelly.

He was in the television series “Touch by an Angel” as Ivy, and she could have felt an angelic touch as she soon became popular both in series and films even appearing in the video of Michael Jackson’s song “Childhood”. Erika appeared in three episodes of “The Geena Davis Show” as Isabel and also portrayed the character of Stacey in Fox sitcom “The ‘70s Show”.

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In 2007, Erika played the role of a hostage in the film “How to Rob a Bank”. She appeared as Claire in the psychological drama film “Veronica Decides to Die”. With other film credits to her name, she returned to television series and appeared in an episode “Law & Order” Special Victims Unit” as SA Lauren Cooper on NBC.

The comedy-drama television series “Parenthood” confirmed her place as an A-list actress in Hollywood. She played the character of Julia Braverman-Graham in the series from 2010-2015. The series was nominated for so many awards and the love fans have for Erika grew.

In 2017, Erika appeared in the ABC television series “Days in the Valley” as Ali Petrovich. Erika appeared in other TV series and even music videos. She was in the Black Eyed Peas song video “Where’s The Love”. She was also in the “tired of Being Lonely” music video by Ringside and two more music videos by different artists. In 2019, she appeared in the television series “To love and to Hold” as Alice.

She has won several awards as an actress. Erika was the winner of the 2000 Screen Actors Guild Awards for her Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. In 2014, she won the Gracie Awards for Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in the Drama Series “Parenthood”.

3. What is the net worth of the actress?

Erika has appeared in many films and TV series in a career that started in the late ‘90s. She has seen the type of money some of her colleagues who entered the industry long before her can only dream of. How rich is the actress? Her net worth is estimated to be around 10 million dollars according to Celebritynetworth.

She is 37, and still active in this industry that rewards whoever it chooses to reward.

4. Is Erika Christensen married?

Yes. Erika Christensen is married to Cyclist Cole Maness. They dated for a while until 2014 when they announced their engagement. In September 2015, they exchanged their marital vows. The couple welcomed a daughter, Shane, in June that year.

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In August 2018, they welcomed another daughter they named Polly.

5. What Religion is Erika Christensen?

There are thousands of religions in the world in dire need of worshippers and everyone is free to clinch to the one that boosts their faith. Erika was raised according to the belief of the Church of Scientology. Her parents were ardent believers of the faith.

Erika has defended his faith many times and is not ashamed to be a member of the Church of Scientology.

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