Eniko Parrish: Bio, Occupation, Marriage to Kevin Hart

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Eniko Parrish

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Eniko Parrish is a model, socialite, and lifestyle icon. How much of this celebrity do you know besides her marriage with Kevin Hart? We take you on her journey of numerous other facts.

Eniko Parrish: Birth and background

Eniko was born on August 18, 1984. Eniko Parrish is an African American with Carribean roots. Her parents are from Jamaica but moved to the United States just before their beautiful daughter was born. There is also a trace of Asian blood in Eniko.

As the time of writing this in August 2019, Eniko is 35 years old. Nicknamed Enikobaby has always been mature with issues surrounding her. For instance, despite Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei, abusing her and alleging that Eniko wrecked her marriage, Eniko Parrish has refused to let this detract her from loving her stepchildren born by Kevin’s ex-wife. She dotes and shares Heaven Leigh Hart (born March 22, 2005) and Hendrix Hart (born October 10, 2007) on social media.

Can Kevin Hart do this with, say Torrei’s children? Well, she is taller than him in that aspect and in the aspect. And physically too. More than 2 inches taller than his about 5 feet 4 inches. We just had to sneak this info in here. Because we can.

Eniko Parrish’s marriage and controversies with Kevin Hart

Eniko Parish got married to the “most amazing man in the world” in August 2016. The wedding took place in Santa Barbara, California, two years after Kevin Hart engaged her. This wedding, in itself, marked the fifth year of the duo’s meeting.

Eniko and the comedian husband are blessed with a son named Kenzo Kash. He was born in May 2017. This was nine months after their wedding. Could have happened on the wedding night, give or take some days, but who’s asking?

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The arrival of their son whom the two compete in flaunting on Social Media is a happy event. There have been controversies as well. In 2014, just before Kevin Hart proposed to Eniko, his ex-wife and mother of two, Torrei, came out to accuse Kevin on cheating on her with Eniko while they were still married. She called Eniko a home wrecker.

“It does hurt that my kids have to be around a woman who broke up a marriage,” Torrei said. And admitted that she once nearly came close to punching Eniko and kicking her then rival’s ass out.

In his response, Hart denied everything and absolved his now-wife of complicities with his broken marriage. He claimed he would never slander the mother of his kids and that he respected and looked with positivity her decision to move on and her new boyfriend.

“Ignore negativity, being bitter and angry,” he advised Torrei and sundry.

But the negative news kept coming. Reports surfaced in mid-2017 that Kevin Hart was seen with a woman who was not his wife, in an ungodly hour, in an ungodly place, being too close for innocence. His new son was just two months old. Radar Online went on to publish pictures and videos of this allegation online. The mysterious woman was later identified as Monique Gonzalez.

To deny this, Kevin Hart posted a meme of him laughing with hysteria with the tag, “You just gotta laugh at the BS.”

The rumors persisted. There were rumors of a sex tape between Hart and his mistress and a blackmailer in the background threatening to expose the video except they got paid money.

Kevin Hart’s denials, however, didn’t persist. He apologized to Ms. Parish in a clip posted on Instagram. He said he was in a place in life where he had a target on his back and must make smart decisions but that he made mistakes instead. He blamed it on an error of judgment and the bad environment where “only bad things can happen and they did”.

Ex-wife, Torrei, claimed that he apologized because of the blackmailer. And you might have an issue with the manner of his apology. His wife seemed not to mind. The two are still married.

What does Eniko Parrish do?

Eniko Parrish is a fashion model. She makes a living wearing dresses for apparel companies and posting photo shoots of them online. She has also done runway modeling including the famous “Rip the Runway,” a fashion and music show created by BET and hosted by Kelly Rowland and Boris Kodjoe, in 2013. Parrish has also dabbled into acting.

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Mrs. Hart began her career way before she met her husband, painstakingly building her Instagram account to over a million pre-Hart era.

Now that Eniko is married to 120 million dollars rich Kevin Hart, it is becoming harder to tell when she is working from when she is just enjoying the luxurious dresses that come with being married to a super-rich man. On her own right, Eniko’s net worth is put at 1.5 million, just above 1% of what her husband has. But then there will be people who will point out that being married to a wealthy man is an occupation in itself.

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