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Elena Satine

Fans loved Elena Satine before, and after seeing another side of her in the film “Magic City” the love grew even larger. Her beauty might want to deceive you, but her rise to fame did not come without some rough patches. Elena Satine has done so many works on TV and off-TV, and here are the four most important facts about her.

1. Elena Satine was born in the USSR

Elena Satine was born on November 24, 1987, in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia (then a part of the USSR). Her father works in the textile industry and her mother was an opera singer. When her family moved to Sochi, Russia, at age five, she developed a strong interest in entertainment and at 6 years old, she appeared on the TV-variety show “Utrennaya Zvezda” (Morning Star).

At 7, she has started living a celebrity lifestyle touring the world and seeing places with a Georgian pop group Nergebi with her mates. At 9, she set a new record when she performed at the Kinotavr-International Film Festival at the age of 9. Her family supported her and this became her biggest motivation.

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Elena would later sneak away from her mother who was on an official trip to the US. Elena gatecrashed an audition at the Professional Performing Arts School, New York. Her daringness earned her a spot in the school and she convinced her people to let her stay and study in the US.

Elena Satine moved to New York for her studies and at the age of 16, she completed her graduation from Professional Performing Arts School in New York. Afterward, she went to the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia.

Not done, Elena also attended Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London where she studied together with actress Rebecca Pidgeon.

2. She is a well-trained pianist

Elena plays the kind of notes you would love to hear every day. The actress grew up having a strong interest in music. In fact, music was her first career choice until somehow along with the line acting took over. She must have developed her classical pianist skill during her time at the New York Professional Performing Arts School or elsewhere.

Elena might have not won a Grammy like classical pianist and singer Alicia Keys, but she has released a three-song EP titled Denial in 2008 and sang part of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” and Verdi’s “Va Pensiero” on the 2008 “Triple Threat” episode of Cold Case. If you’ve not heard about the EP that is because you have not searched for it. To ensure that her music career never fades away, she appeared as an enchantress in musician Chris Cornell’s music video for Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart.

3. Elena Satine has starred in many TV series

Elena made her screen debut in 2008 in the TV series “Gemini Division” when she played the character of Nadia. This was a major opportunity to convince producers that all the accolades she won as a kid were not a fluke and Elena flourished on her first job. More opportunities came her way as she starred in other TV series, performing minor roles mostly.

Then in the year 2012, she landed a main role in the TV series “Magic City” as Judi Silver. She was to portray the character of a hooker and since she has not done the job before and considering the expectations that were required of him, she carried out extensive research on the “Queen of Pinups” Bettie Page and Judith Exner who was the alleged mistress of President John F. Kennedy. The series “Magic City” turned out to be the series that expanded her fame.

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She has also starred as Maggie Donovan in Strange Angel, a dreamer in “The Gifted”, Rhonda in “Twin Peaks”, Louise Ellis in “Revenge”. She has some film credits under her name like “Outlaw”, “Reckless”, “A Beautiful Now”. Elena has paid her dues as an actress.

4. She is happily married

Elena Satine was not in the dating league that long before her perfect man came, saying the right words. The actress was said to have dated Actor Josh Bowman in 2011 but the relationship ended after a while. Perhaps in an attempt to connect back to her singing roots, Elena met Tyson Ritter, the lead singer of the All-American Rejects.

The duo dated got engaged in April 2013 and On December 31st the same year, Elena exchanged her wedding vows with Tyson in Seaside, Fl. in front of 50 guests- their family and closest friends. The couple have no kids at the moment, maybe they are making plans to having one soon.

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