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Eileen Baral

Eileen was one of those kids who made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry with their raw talent. Eileen Baral is “The brightest child actress” you have seen according to the director of “Wagon Train”, Virgil Vogel. The beautiful girl with the big eyes was said to have caught the attention of directors with her outstanding performance in just two weeks of her being in Hollywood. All thanks to Eileen’s mother and her mother’s friend at the talent agency.

Despite being a successful child actress, with directors falling on each other to work with her, she vanished just as suddenly as she appeared – or perhaps a little after suddenly. Maybe the whole celebrity thing was just too much for little Eileen. Or she got bored. Here is all you need to know about the star girl.

Eileen Baral’s Age

The brilliant Eileen Baral was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in August 1957, where she was raised by her parents. Although there is nothing available about her father, there is very little information about her mother. Eileen’s mother was her biggest supporter, she contributed richly to her success in the movie industry. She pioneered the family’s relocation from Philadelphia to Hollywood when Eilleen was cast for her first appearance in “Wagon Train”.

At the age of four, she was already mimicking everything that she saw on television, her mother said. You could say she knew what she wanted and she went for it.

Eileen Baral is 64 years old.

Eileen as a child actor

Successfully capturing the hearts of directors and fans of the “Wagon Train”, where she played the ghost of a little girl who died as part of the Donner party, a tragic real-life story. Eileen was later cast in an episode of  Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” as a doll-faced orphan who vanished in a very mysterious manner. Why all these spooky roles?

Eileen delivered a stunning performance in Tv shows like “Bonanza” where she played the role of ‘Lisa’ in 1965, “Perry Mason” Aas ‘Elke Dietrich’ in 1965, and “The Farmer’s Daughter” as ‘Greta’ in 1965, which landed her a major role as ‘Irene’ in the 1965 movie “Mirage” by Gregory Peck. She later featured in shows like “I Spy” in 1967, “The Big Valley” in 1967, “Lancer” in 1968, “Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law” in 1971, and several others.

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Eileen appeared on several occasions in the prominent “Nanny and the Professor” of 1970, Which ranks as her most successful work as the show had more viewers. She continued to appear in other shows until 1972 when she retired from acting. It is unknown why she decided to leave the movie industry, considering the fact that she was doing great for herself. Why, Eileen?

She appeared in a total of 17 TV shows and three movies that we are aware of.

Eileen Baral’s marriage, children

After searching over two dozen sources, it is certain that everything outside Eileen’s career is concealed from the general public. How they manage to keep the media and the blogs away is still a mystery. Her activities after retiring from the movie industry are unknown. Then we got a peep when she let us, in 1985, when she got married to Richard T Merzig.

Eileen and 62 years old Richard lived together with their two children, Emily R Nerzig age and Jacob E Nerzig age in Port Washington, New York until 2008. It is claimed that Richard moved out and presently resides in San Diego, California. There was no information provided on why he moved out and if he moved with the whole family.

Where is Eileen Baral now?

Eileen is probably a grandmother now, somewhere in a quiet suburb, tending to her flowers, knitting, and refusing to be drawn into an argument over the politics around her. And no, this is not belittling her – the capacity to retire in your sixties without a single financial worry is something you should be envious of.

Just as Eileen Baral was able to keep her education and choice of career after acting, she has managed to keep our nose off her whereabouts and engagements so far. She has her life kept under the tight covers, she has us guessing. We heard from an unreliable source who stated that she had a clerical job where she worked for an unknown institution or organization. We’re not sure about this. We don’t believe this.