Efa Iwara: Age, Career, Relationship, All The FACTS

Efa Iwara

There are three kinds of people who have heard of Efa Iwara. People who know him as a rapper and a songwriter, people who know him as an actor, and people who know him as both. The talented entertainer who starred in Ola Rotimi’s play “The Gods are not to blame” and MTV Shuga has advanced his career to the admiration of many who rendered support when he was just a rookie in the industry. What is he up to these days? Here is everything you need to know about EFA/E2DFA or “Serial Female Pleaser” as he is said to be called in the streets.

Efa Iwara: Age and early bio

Efa Iwara was born in Ibadan, Oyo State to a now-retired Linguistics professor father and a mother who worked as a school librarian. The family is not originally from Oyo State; they are from Cross River State, the father’s occupation having brought them to the ancient city. Efa grew up in an environment where chandeliers rained so many lights on books and his parents made sure he received a quality education.

Efa Iwara attended the University of Ibadan staff school and International School Barth Road, where he completed his primary and secondary school education. He proceeded to bag a degree in Geography from the University of Ibadan.

Efa has not revealed his age to the public. If we are allowed to guess we would say he was born in 1990 and now thirty.

Efa Iwara: Music and movie career

Efa Iwara brings is so much involved with the entertainment world. He started his career in his undergraduate days as a rapper at the University of Ibadan. He formed a rap group called X-Factor alongside his three friends. They rapped and entertained students until they finally split up after graduation.

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Efa lost his sister in 2007 which broke him emotionally. The loss disconnected from the creative world as he almost gave up his musical talent until his friend encouraged him to pick up the mic again.

He went on to release his debut album in 2011. The album was not a commercial success and he saw firsthand the challenges in the music business. While he made the studio a near-permanent residence looking forward to that one hit that will announce him as the next big thing in the industry, he wasn’t blind to other opportunities as he decided to try his hands in acting. He attended the audition for MTVShuga, a television drama series that sheds light on the dangers of unprotected sex and HIV/AIDS. He was lucky, he earned a role in the sitcom and that was the proud moment the actor in Efa was born.

He pursued both legs of his career at the same time. Efa covered Mo’Cheddah’s “If You Want Me“ with a catchy rap line. He released a hit single titled “Woifaida Obandi” a love song that was inspired by a beautiful lady he saw during the time he visited Cross River State to celebrate the New Yam festival.

He has appeared in movies like “The Eve” “The Men’s Club” “Put a Ring on It” and the epic television drama series “Ajoche” on Africa Magic where he played the villainous Epe. He played the role of Kolade a drug addict and chronic womanizer of Bimbo Manuel in Tosin Igho’s movie “Seven”. Recently, he rapped in the theme song of the web drama series “The Men’s Club”. Efa says he cannot choose between being a rapper and an actor as he loves doing both.


Nigerian celebrities deserve an A for applause when it comes to hiding their relationship status. We journalists need to up our snooping game. It’s true that relationship is a personal thing but when it comes to celebrities, their personal lives have been exchanged to a public tabloid, perhaps the price they pay on their journey to fame, so we continue to snoop. Efa Iwara says he is single. He also says he is a serial female pleaser. In an interview, he said he loves women and hates to see them sad. This can mean many times including him being a womanizer. Don’t quote us.

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Efa Iwara, however, wished he was married. When asked about the qualities he wanted in a woman, the talented actor said: “She has to be God-fearing and kind-hearted. She also has to be very understanding because I can be a nutcase sometimes.  She has to have a great sense of humour and be able to make me smile. And if she doesn’t support Arsenal FC she has to be able to convert. The last one is non-negotiable.”

His love for Arsenal must be so strong to want a partner who supports the club as well. Perhaps both can easily find closure during the Gunners’ dismal results. Die-hard Man United and Chelsea fans, you have been warned.

His net worth has not been made public (another failure on us), but we have no doubt about him being financially stable.

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