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When you’re named the most promising drama student in college, you have already been labeled as the next big thing in the acting industry and you dare not disappoint the people who spoke highly of you.

Dougray Scott has lived up to any acting challenge thrown at him. He has done excellently well in so many acting credits that you have to ask Google questions about him. Relax, he’s not an alien –he’s naturally gifted and here are the answers you seek.

1. How Old is Dougray Scott?

Dougray Scott is 53 years old. He was born on 26 November 1965 in Glenrothes, Fife, East-central Scotland. His father was an actor and also a professional salesman of freezers and refrigerators –where he excelled most. Dougray’s mother Elma, worked as a nurse.

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Dougray’s birth name was Stephen Scott but he changed his name to Dougray (his grandmother’s name) because the name Stephen Scott had already been registered at Equity. Dougray had his education at Auchmuty High School before moving to Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff where he was awarded the school’s most promising drama student before signing out. He then moved to London to pursue an acting career.

2. What year did he make his acting debut?

Dougray Scott made his acting debut in the 1994 comedy-drama film “Princess Caraboo” where he portrayed the role of Dragoon Captain. He later starred in the British television drama series “Soldier Soldier” as Rory Taylor. He was living the dream and repaying the people who believed in his acting talent. Dougray’s ‘90s movies made a huge impact on his acting growth as he handled brilliant roles mostly. He even voice-acted the British animated film “Faeries” in 1999.

While he was having a busy ‘90s, one man was watching and admiring his talent and his name is Tom Cruise. When the producers wanted someone who would play the character of Sean Ambrose in “Mission: Impossible 2”, Tom Cruise recommended Dougray Scott and he landed the role the further raised his acting bars.

While he was on set shooting “Mission: Impossible 2” Dougray landed the role of Wolverine in the film version of ‘X-Men’ by Marvel Studi but sadly he was involved in a bike accident and due to the strenuous drilling required for the role,  Hugh Jackman was lucky enough to be his replacement. Dougray also played the role of Eric Vennekor in the American science fiction disaster film “Deep Impact”.

Dougray appeared in “Death Race 3: Inferno” as Niles York. The film was a sequel to “Death Race 2” and a prequel to “Death Race”. He appeared in “Taken 3” as Stuart St.John and in 2019 he starred in the film “Batwoman” as Jacob Kane.

Has Dougray Scott won any awards? Aside from his college award, Dougray has been nominated in three different award categories and has not won any. Not that he needs it to showcase his acting talent.

3. Who is Dougray Scott married to?

Dougray Scott has been married twice. His first marriage to an English casting director, Sarah Trevis ended in 2005 after living together as husband and wife for five years. From the marriage, they had twins named, Eden Trevis Scott (son) and Gabriel Trevis Scott (daughter).

Two years after his divorce, he married English actress, Claire Forlani after they dated for a while. They got married in Italy on June 8, 2007. Together, they adopted a son named Milo Scott. Dougray spends quality time with all his children if going by what he posts on social media can be accounted for.

4. How much is Dougray Scott worth?

Dougray has starred in two highly budgeted films “Mission: Impossible 2” and “Deep Impact”. These movies made a lot of profits. For example, the film “Deep Impact” raked in a whopping $349 million in 1998 while “Mission: Impossible 2” also earned a massive $546.4 million in 2000.

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He has mostly taken up main roles in most of his films and as of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He is still very much active in the acting industry, shuttling between London and the USA to deliver his craft.

5. How tall is the movie star?

Dougray Scott is 1.83 meters tall (6 feet). His height might have played a huge role in landing him some prominent roles in films. This is Hollywood, don’t underestimate anything.

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