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Dominick Brascia

Dominick Brascia lived a life as a movie star, radio producer, and host with a liberal dose of scandals. Whenever his name is mentioned, you just hold your breath and wait. You know not which way the cat will jump. He died in 2018. It is still just recently but with Brascia, it doesn’t make any difference. It would never make any difference. Dead or not, his name will continually divide opinions and boil passion. Here are all the facts you need to know.

Birth and early life of Dominick Brascia

Dominick Brascia was born on April 6, 1957. Some sources put his date of birth on May 29, a year earlier. This is rare but it happens in Hollywood to have confusing dates of birth for some stars. That it is happening to a man who lived a life of controversies might be taken as symbolic.

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Whatever date of birth you settle for, the fact remains that he was born – born – not cloned or just appeared from nowhere. He was born on Slaten Island in New York City. Little is known about his early life. While he was able to be on the media and dominate conversations as an adult, he kept his childhood blurred.

Dominick Brascia’s career

Career-wise, Dominick Brascia is most known for his 1985 appearance in the movie “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning”. In the film directed by Danny Steinmann, someone brutally murdered Joey Voorhees, the character Dominick played. This incident triggered a chain of events in which more murders were committed. It turned out that the person who was initially accused of these serial murders was innocent – the real culprit turned out to be Joey’s father.

In a way, this movie scenario turned out to be related to the accusations and counter-accusations revolving around the death of the then-child star actor, Corey Haim. More on this issue later.

Other Brascia’s films include “Evil Laugh” (1986) and “Hard Rock Nightmare” (1988). His last movie appearance was in 2001, in the movie “My Life as a Troll” another title that many will point out as related to the life the actor lived especially towards the latter part of his span.

Controversies surrounding Dominick Brascia

Dominick didn’t sustain his earlier successes as an actor. He appeared in a handful of movies but it wasn’t something he would comfortably live on. So he joined radio. He became a radio programmer, producer, and host.

Brascia worked for Sacramento-based KSTE (650 AM), running their popular morning show “Armstrong & Getty”. He was good at his job but he was terrible at relating to fellow-staffers. After his infighting and outbursts became too much for the station, they fired him.

Dominick Brascia then became an independent podcaster, recording from his kitchen table tagged “Dominick on the Air”. It was from this that he got an offer that took him to Montana where he resumed his morning shows, this time for KMMS (1450 AM) based in Bozeman.

More Controversies

In November 2017, Brascia gave an interview to The National Enquirer in which he told them that the actor Charlie Sheen, known for replacing Michael J. Fox in “Spin City and won a Golden Globe award for this performance had molested Corey Haim. Haim was the Canadian child-actor famed for his Hollywood teen roles in the 1980s. Brascia claimed Sheen abused Haim when Haim was 13 and Sheen 19 on the set of a filmed called “Lucas”.

Sheen, a controversial man in his own right with substance abuse record and police investigation for murder threats strongly denied this allegation and sued the National Enquirer for “egregious, hurtful, and disgusting campaign of defamations,” as reported by HuffPost.

Haim had been dead for more than seven years when this controversy raged. He died of pneumonia in 2010. The case was later settled out of court.

But that wasn’t the end of the matter. Haim’s mother Judy Haim went to the Doctor Oz show to deny that Sheen defiled her son, claiming that it was Sheen’s accuser, Dominick Brascia, who defiled her son. For evidence, Judy Haim pointed to a post on her dead son’s website which basically said Brascia abused the deceased in 1989 on the set of a movie.

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The whole world didn’t believe her. Speculations were made about Mrs. Haim getting paid by Sheen to make this allegation. Also, eagle-eyed analysts claim the mysterious post was recently posted and backdated. None of these have been proved.

Dominick Brascia denied this allegation but many were not buying as they continually bashed him online, forcing him to lock his Facebook and Twitter accounts and going on digital seclusion. His employers, Townsquare Media, faced torrents of letters and emails calling for Brascia’s dismissal and shaming them for still standing by him.

Dominick Brascia’s Death

Dominick Brascia died on 26 November 2018. According to media sources and his employer, Brascia died of natural causes. He was aged 61 (or 62 depending on the birthday version you believe).

Dominick was buried in his home town of Sladen Island in New York. It is not clear if he had any surviving immediate family members. It is sure that he never married nor bore any children. We do not know anyone who publicly associates as his friend.

In a statement announcing his death, his radio station said: “It was evident from listening to his show, and from internal conversations, that Dominick was passionate about his show and cared deeply about his audience.”

Controversies post-death

Even after his death, the controversies didn’t die with him. In January 2019, “The Desk By Matthew Keys” reported that before his death, the Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation targetting Dominick. It is not clear if the investigation was related to the sexual abuse accusation from Mrs. Haim but we strongly suspect this to be the reason. The police refused to confirm the cause but admitted that Brascia was under investigation.

Or still under investigation as the police didn’t halt the investigation after Brascia passed away as the matter also concerned individuals still alive.

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It is unclear if Dominick Brascia knew he was a subject of an inquiry by the police. If he knew, it is not clear, too, if he disclosed this to his employers or even if any party notified them. After this investigation became public, reporters approached his last place of work for comments on this regard but they wouldn’t say a word.

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