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DJ Zinhle is a South African music icon, DJ and producer. She was born Ntombezinhle Jiyane in December 1983 in Dannhauser, KwaZulu-Natal and had her education in the region. She went on to date local superstar musician AKA and has a child with him. You must have known all these about her. But this is not what this post is all about, the things you know. This post is about all the tiny little facts, the kind that is likely to pass through the spaces between your fingers when you scoop the powder of her life and career as a famous person.

DJ Zinhle in numbers

30 – The day of the month when Zinhle was born.

2004 – The year she began her career as a DJ. She always knew she was made for a career in show business. At first, she thought this would be as a TV presenter. It wasn’t to be as she fell in love with Djing just watching her brother.

11 – The letters in the name of DJ Zinhle’s new bae. Having broken up with her baby daddy, AKA, many might nurse the thought, no matter how outlandish, that the two might get back together. If you nursed this thought, you are forgiven. You are very wrong. The DJ has found a new man. He is Murdah Bongz, the producer and second of the music duo Black Nation. His real name Bongani Mohosani and his real occupation these lockdown days is loving Zinhle.

The two have been an item since at least the second quarter of 2020 but they kept it all hushed up. In June, Bongz shared an image of Zinhle’s eyes on IG, no comments, just eyes. Even though he deleted within seconds, the whole world had seen it and reposted. Not the whole world pe se, but DJ Zhinle saw this and reposted which is exactly the same as the whole world for the smitten Murda Bongs.

The cat finally came out of the bag in July 2016 just that it wasn’t a cat, it was a gorgeous piece of a man.

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5 – The number of times she was recognized as a woman force in the entertainment industry.

In 2014, Oprah Magazine named her one of the 21 Most Powerful African Women

In mid-August 2015, she was recognized by Bona Magazine as South African 10 Most Influential Women

In late August 2015, she was named Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year.

In 2018 and in 2019, she was named Top Female DJ in Africa by DjaneTop, an online Website vested in the life and career of female DJs in the whole world.

In 2020, just before Covid-19 ended the world as we knew it, she was named Woman Africa Entertainer Award.

7 – The month number in which Zinhle’s daughter was born with AKA was born. Kairo Forbes was born on July 8, 2015. She is 5 at the time of writing this. Take note of her name, it is one you would be hearing for a long time to come. In June 2020, her father announced that she would be having her own show.

Image source: Savannah News

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