Divini Rae – How Old Is She, Career, Relationship Status and Height

Divini Rae

Divini Rae is an author, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, and a health and fitness coach, she has the expertise and experience needed in the entertainment industry and even the business world.

Her experience has gained her international recognition and awards, her fame reached the extent that she was featured as a cover page model in one of the popular lifestyle magazine firms like the ” Australia inside sports magazine” and a publication named Playboy magazine.

Divini Rae is a talented actress as well, she has distinguished herself amongst her peer as a gifted individual, as shown in some of the movies you have seen her act. This piece explains all you need to know about Divini Rae.

How old is Divini Rae? More About Her Early Days

From her appearance, you could guess her age, though some may say she looks younger than her age. Divini Rae is currently aged 44. She was born on the 31st day of July in the year 1977. She was born in Alaska, a small town which is a village that houses the popular Discovery Channel known as Docu-drama and Yukon Men. Divini Rae was raised in a log cabin, it had no trace of electricity or running water.

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Reading was her hobby, she excelled in her studies in high school, she was said to have graduated a year earlier than her mates. Divini Rae was honored with countless academic scholarships where she later read psychology and journalism, before moving to Australia.


It was during her stay in Sydney that luck came her way, she was picked up by a photographer who tutored her to venture into the modeling career. Since then the urge to perform and be known stared up in her. She was seen in TV commercials, she was also a guest in programs where she starred on local TV displays, she performed all her duties with dignity and honesty.

One of the major breakthrough in her career was after she was featured in Playboy’s magazine where she won the playmate of the month award in November year, 2003. She has traveled worldwide and has made public speeches at conferences while working for Playboy. Divini Rae also owns a health and fitness blog where she posts, videos and pictures regarding fitness and overall wellbeing. She also works to gather funds for various charity based organizations like “the Save
the Children and Infant Crisis center” located in Oklahoma City

What Is Her Relationship Status?

Divini Rae is happily married to a famous spine surgeon. They both live in Oklahoma City. The union is blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. While Tea combines both motherhood and wife functions with her carrier, we could barely notice any point she is missing in her life tract, she is happy with her career and family.

What are Divini Rae’s Height and Weight Measurements?

From her bio, we got that she weighs 126 lb or simply put as 57 kilograms ( or even 9.0 st) Her height reads 5 feet 8 in (1.7 meter) Other of her body measurement includes Bust (36), Waist (24) and Hips (36)

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