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For some of us whose childhood years crisscrossed the 1990s, the name Devin Ratray should ring a bell. Or perhaps, it wouldn’t because in those days the actors’ names mean very little to us. It was all about whether we liked a character or not, whether the character was good or not, and the biggest worry is whether we loved the film or not. “Home Alone” ticked many of the boxes for us. Now all grown up, you will be forgiven if you fail to make the connection between Devin Ratral and Buzz McCallister in “Home Alone”, the elder brother of Kevin who somehow finds new ways to get his little brother in trouble. In fact, it is not an issue about forgiveness, it is about the possibility. It is not possible to connect Ratral with Buzz because they are not even the same person. One happened to play the other one. Today is about the one who played the other. The one who is now grown up. Here is everything you need to know about Devin Ratral, what he has been up to and all.

How old is Devin Ratray?

Devin Ratral’s parents, Ann Willis and Peter Ratray, are both actors. They gave birth to Devin in New York City in January 1977. He is forty-three years old. As a boy, maybe because of his parents’ occupation, Ratral always knew he was going to be an actor. He had his first gig aged nine and we went on to attend Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. The film for which he is most known today, “Home Alone” was shot when he was 14.

Ratray studied film at NYU and then at the School of Visual Arts. Something he now regrets, saying: “Going to film school taught me how much I already knew, and that the best way to learn about film is being on the set with professionals.”

Today, Devin is 43 years old.


Besides the first two Home Alone films “Home Alone” and “Home Alone” and “Home Alone: Lost In New York”, Devin is known for the films “Elevator” from 2011 and “Nebraska” and “Blue Ruin” all from 2013. The fact that he has no big credits and had to wait twenty years after “Home Alone” to get these says a lot about the kind of career he has had. Most of his credits come from singular episodic roles from TV shows such as “Law & Order”, “New York Undercover”, “Blue Blood”, “Supernatural”, “Chicago Med”, etc. And a lot of independent films and he did more than act in them, he was promoting breaking his back doing six-day-a-week shoots, 14-hour days. He soon found out that this is not for him and went his way.

Besides acting, Devin has also been involved as a filmmaker. He has a credit as a writer and another as a producer of a documentary. Devin Ratray’s last acting credit came from “Hustlers” where he played the role of Stephen one of the men that the gang of women drugged and robbed.

Is Devin Ratray married?

There is no record on the internet that suggests that Ratray is married. In fact, there is no one on the internet and elsewhere who can pin his name with that of any girl romantically. We believe that Ratray is single, we believe that he is that kind of a man to want to be single. There are whispers as it is expected among the lazy world we are living in that he may be gay. He isn’t to the best of our knowledge which is a lot.

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Devin is single or dating someone secretly. He is very unmarried.

Height, weight, net worth

After more than thirty years in the industry, Devin can be proud of what he has achieved. He may not have been where he expected to be (no one is) but he can be happy with the films he has been part of and the roles he has been no matter how modest many would expect him to be. On the money angle, Devin Ratray hasn’t made a ton and this is one aspect he would feel he ought to have done better if we are to believe the words about his worth. Celebrity Net Worth puts his net worth at 400 thousand dollars.

Devin is a tall dude. He stands at 6 feet 1¼ inches (1.86 m) which is a cool height even in a basketball court. He weighs ‎105 kg or 231 pounds which is an impressive weight even in a wrestling ring.

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