Dennis Holmes – Age, Career, And Other Facts

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Dennis Holmes

It is way easier for you to connect with a child actor than an adult actor, except you don’t like kids which is just outright terrible, or you are single. We guess you are neither that is why you loved Macaulay Culkin from “Home Alone” so much, that’s why you continually follow him for over two decades, that is why you are here, for Dennis Holmes.

Or perhaps you are not aware of the “Home Alone” part of Dennis Holmes and we can’t blame you as he retired from the screen before he was 15. We would take the pleasant trouble of introducing him to you. Holmes is one of those child actors that stole the heart of many with his face, brilliance, and talent. He was known as the kid who always delivered.

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Why did he retire so early on? We don’t know. Perhaps, he took the saying “the best time to leave the stage is when the audience is still clapping” too literally. But there are some things we do know about him. Here are the things you need to know about Dennis Holmes the “wonder kid”.

How old is Dennis Holmes now?

Dennis was born and raised in Encino, California. His childhood was pretty much all about acting and making mommy proud. We have no record concerning his parents, although, Dennis did mention that his mother was her biggest supporter. According to Dennis, she made sure he wasn’t one of those kids that forgets their lines. He didn’t say how he managed acting and schooling together, or if one had to suffer for the other, but it is believed that he graduated from Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California in 1968. At an early age, the celebrity child picked interest in playing the guitar and he has been playing it ever since.

Dennis was born on the 3rd of October of 1950, he is 70 years old.

Dennis Holmes’ Acting Career

Dennis started acting at a very early age, even for a child actor. He accepted (more like his parents accepted on his behalf) several uncredited roles at the age of two. He made his first debut on television as Jimmy Evans on “The Jack Benny Program” in 1954, seven years later he was asked to repeat the role. Dennis’ first appearance was in the war movie “Operation Pacific”. He was one of the children rescued into John Wayne’s submarine. Dennis Holmes was just six weeks old then. His grandfather, Soldier Graham, was the chief lighting technician for the film. You’re wrong, he didn’t use the baby to make some extra bucks.

The young star was signed to 20th Century Fox Studio from 1959 to 1961. He is popularly known for his performance as Mike Williams in the MBC series “Laramie”, where he starred with John and Rober Fuller, his mentor and best friend. The show aired from 1959 – 1963 with Dennis featuring in over 50 episodes.

Some movies would bore you before you love them

Other Popular movies and Tv shows he featured include “Father Knows Best” in 1954, “The Walter Winchel file” in 1957, “Woman Obsessed” in 1959 with the award-winning Susan Hayward, “The Fiercest Heart” in 1961, “Key Witness” in 1960 and several others. Dennis made his last appearance in 1963 on “Virginian” as Tim Anders and “Wagon Train” as Carlton Polke.

Dennis is also a musician as there are videos of him singing his own songs while strumming his guitar.

Dennis Holmes’ wife, family, net worth

At the age of 32, the actor decided to settle down as they say. Dennis got married to Deena Lynice Brandt in 1982. they’ve been together for 39 years. The number of children is not known but Dennis and Deena have a daughter, that we know. Every other thing about his family is undercover.

Dennis’ source of income was from accepting roles in Movies and Tv shows, but since he retired there has been no idea about what he does for a living. Therefore, it is difficult to know his exact net worth. But bloggers would always put a figure to everyone’s name no matter how farfetched it is. Thus we have figures to his name; according to some other unverified sources, we must add.

Dennis’ worth is put between $2m and $5m.

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