Delle Chatman – The Life And Times Of The Late Super Talent

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Delle Chatman

Delle Chatman, a household name that will be remembered for a long time not just to the black community but also in Christendom. Delle, as a young girl, loved to write. She started her first novel at the age of 12 and that was the beginning of many to come.

Among her repertoire of talents, Delle was an author of several screenplays, Teacher of writing, Preacher of the Gospel of Christ, and writer of homilies. She also worked in Hollywood for a couple of years before she got tired of “chasing the Hollywood dreams” her brother said.

There has not been proper documentation of the Delle and we hope your search about everything Delle Chatman ends today, on our blog.

Delle’s Beginning

Delle Chatman’s birth name was Delle Aloia Chatman, born to Joyce and James Chatman, an Air force officer, in Saint Louis, Virginia. She was born on the 19th of November, 1951. Delle had three brothers Gregory, Christopher, and James Junior. She got her first degree in North Carolina School of the Arts and forged ahead to get her Master’s in the University of Michigan before heading to Hollywood to start her career as a writer.

Although born in Virginia, it is hard to say where Delle grew up because she moved around several times during childhood, probably not what she would have wanted but her parent’s job demanded it.

Delle’s Multifaceted Career

Delle started out as an author with the desire of reaching out to as many as possible, strengthening their faith in the Gospel of Christ. Delle’s books include “Shake Dust”, “The Prayer Warrior of St. Gertrude”, and “Dear Faith Folk” which she wrote to reach people with the help of the internet. She co-authored a collection of 18 short stories titled “The Death of a Parent” with Rev. William Kenneally, and ” The Untouchable Ten” which was a spiritual musing complemented with her fine art photography.

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As a teacher in the 1990s, Delle was an assistant professor of radio, Tv, and Film at Northwestern University, a lecturer at the DePaul University of Chicago. She also taught for an Organization, Act One, Inc., dedicated to educating Christian writers with tools required for meaningful writing and well-crafted screenplays.

Ms. Delle Chatman studied theology at the Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park before she became a preacher at St. Gertrude Catholic Church in Edgewater, where she has always been a member. She was aspiring to become a priest but became an Episcopalian instead. Her ministry on television was an interfaith program, she co-hosting the WTTW’s “30 God Minutes” for two seasons.

Delle wrote many Tv shows but she’s known for her award-winning short film of 1989 “Free or Eden” featuring the Bahamian-American actor, Sidney Poitier. He is the first black man to win this award.

Other Tv shows include “Runaway”, “The Righteous Apple”, ” Snoops”, and the ABC’s Cowboy Series ” Young Riders”. She wrote and produced many plays as well. She wrote for TV shows including “The Righteous Apples,” “Snoops” and ABC’s Cowboy Series “Young Riders,” Gregory Chatman said. She also wrote and produced several plays in and out of church on genres such as drama, romance, and Western. Delle Chatman was not particularly into mainstream entertainment but people in Hollywood knew her and respected the boundaries she built.

Delle Chatman: Death 

Death is inevitable they say and Delle’s death shook the entertainment community as well as some Christian faithful. She was a woman who has an unflinching love for Christ and was never ashamed of it. Delle fought Ovarian cancer for four years and on the 7th of November 2006,  she lost that fight and died in her home at Edgewater, Florida. She was 54 years old before she passed away. She was survived by three brothers and a daughter.

She was married to Micheal Wayne Martines but got divorced a few years later. But the marriage was blessed with a daughter named Ramona. while her net worth in cash may be a subject of speculation on the internet, one thing is sure, she added value to the world with her talent.

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