Five Fast Facts About Deep Roy The Diminutive Star

Deep Roy

The talent of Deep Roy, body size and professional successes keep him relevant but not without some scars. The actor was born in Kenya to a family ancestry traceable to the royal Maharajas in India more than 20 generations ago.

Deep Roy has portrayed different characters – from the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) to Droopy McCool in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983).

Here are five fast facts about the actor.

1. Deep Roy started his career as a standup comedian

Born Mohinder Purba in Nairobi, Kenya, to Indian parents in 1957, the 4′ 4″. Little is known about his parents, education.  Deep Roy first launched his career in comedy in England.  He had his first role at age 19 on The New Avengers in 1976. Before playing the role of the “Italian Assassin” in The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

Since then, he has worked steadily as an actor, stunt man, and puppeteer–appearing in some of nerd-dom’s most popular films.

He has starred mostly in science fiction movies since his breakout role in 1976.

In fact, Deep Roy (occasionally credited as Gordeep Roy or Roy Deep) has achieved a status unique in nerd-dom — he is the only actor to have appeared in Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who!

He also had a recurring role in the 2010 season of Eastbound & Down with Danny McBride.

2. Deep Roy is only 4ft tall

Deep Roy’s success in Hollywood and in life attests to one thing, height doesn’t matter, at least not as much as many would want you to believe. And while he has succeeded in spite his diminutiveness, the actor has confessed, more than once, to facing challenges in the acting industry due to his height.

His small frame has opened doors too. At only 4ft tall, Roy’s stature has earned him lead roles in Hollywood, something actors who are taller than him can only dream and wish for. His screen success can be attributed to how talented he is and not about his height.

Speaking about his height to Mumbaimirror, he said: “Since becoming a global star, if I may say so, I feel six feet tall. My height is immaterial, it’s my heart and mind that counts”. And he never lied.

3. Creativity in other artistes helped him to pursue Hollywood dreams

There are people who become creative by looking at the works of other people and Deep Roy is one of them. The actor says that he was inspired to pursue a career in Hollywood because of the creativity he saw in others.

He has since in several movies made fans laugh by appearing in diverse costumes, most notably Oompa Loompas. Here are his views on costume: “To work in costume, it makes you work doubly hard because of the expressions that come along with it.”

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The creativity he saw in others has helped him climb the rungs of Hollywood heavyweights as his internet sources put his net worth at $500,000, as of January 2019.

The actor is a member of the famous Movie Actor list

4. Deep Roy is very secretive about his personal life

Many celebrities try to keep their families from the prying eyes of the media, few have succeeded in doing this, and a lot of others have failed. As for Deep Roy, he has ensured that everything about his family details remains in the home front, living people to dwell in the lake of speculations.  But, he can’t hide everything there’s one thing we know about his marital life

The actor is married, his wife’s name is not known and he doesn’t have children. That’s all we know, Roy is secretive enough.

5. His body was digitally duplicated to play all the Oompa Loompas in the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

First, he had to undertake extensive training in instrument playing, yoga, and dance. The film starred Johnny Depp in the story of the character Charlie as he along with four children take on a tour of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Deep Roy has also featured in many films most notably “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, in which he played an Egyptian border guard. Deep Roy doesn’t have any social media account, only a website that promotes his old and recent movies.

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