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David Yarovesky

David. Films he has directed include Ghild (2011), Brightburn (2019), with the latter being inarguably his most successful of films in his directorial career. Here are the facts about him that are not all too well known.

Who Is David Yarovesky?

Despite having a level of success in the film industry, David’s personal life is very privy. He has no profile on Wikipedia yet, and his IMDb profile is very brief and concise. However, we have been able to gather a few details about the Hollywood editor-cum-director.

Personal Life and Career

David Yarovesky was born on the 27th of April, 1980, and that makes him 41 years of age (as of the date this article was published). He was born in Liberty, Clay County, Missouri, United States. All we know about his relations are his mother named Bonnies Chuman, his sister, Mishawn, his wife, Autumn, and his dog named Nietzsche.

David got married to a costume designer, Autumn Rae, on the 12th of May, 2018, and so they only recently celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary. However, they had been together as companions for close to eleven years before they decided to finally tie the knot. There are a lot of pictures of the couple basking in the love of each other on David’s Instagram account, @davidyarovesky. We are yet to confirm if they have children yet.

One of David’s earliest editorial work was with his close friend, James Gunn, in 2008, when they both worked on an online humorous pornographic series titled James Gunn’s PG Porn which had to do with depicting several ludicrous acts between adult film stars onset before the actual sexual act. James Gunn’s PG Porn was created by three brothers: James Gunn, Sean Gunn and Brian Gunn. Ever since then, David and James Gunn have been working as partners on several other on-screen ideas, most of which usually border on science fiction, extraterrestrial, paranormal, and explicit horror.

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In 2014, James Gunn was the director of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and David Yarovesky had appeared on it, playing the character of Goth Ranger. David equally directed the skit for the song, “Guardians Inferno” which was used for “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. David has also worked with Sean Gunn (James Gunn’s brother) and Stephen Blackehart in the making of the 2015 sci-fi horror movie, “The Hive”. In 2011, David Yarovesky directed and handled the screenplay of the coming-of-age movie, “Ghild”. However, David’s most prized work is Brightburn from 2019.

All you need to know about the Brightburn movie

Brightburn is David’s latest movie which he directed. It was produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang and the storyline (which was adapted from Superman, but for a twist, contains a lot of explicit horror scenes) was written by two of the Gunn brothers: Mark and Brian. Produced in 2019, Brightburn is a horror, superhero movie based on the typical American culture. It is the story of a young boy named Brandon Breyer, who is of an otherworldly existence, but finds his way to planet Earth and discovers that he has been gifted with superpowers.

Upon that discovery, and because of how experiences on the ship he came in repurposed him, Brandon became a villain, and began to terrorize his hometown including his earthly parents. The production companies involved in the making of the Brightburn movie include Stage 6 Films, Screen Gems, Troll Court Entertainment, and The H Collective. Brightburn had been budgeted to return $6million – $12 million in profit, but it grossed over $22million in Box office.

When asked about a possible sequel to Brightburn, the director, David Yarovesky asked fans to keep their fingers crossed as plans are being made towards an expansion.

Image source: Hollywood Reporter