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David Sutcliffe was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and this is not a joke. Saskatoon is located somewhere along the Trans-Canada Yellowhead Highway and by the Saskatchewan River to make it nine river crossings in the town. The town is called any of “Bridge City” and “Paris of the Prairies” for its body of waters. This is not a lesson on geography. We just try to establish the foundation for our stories and a little geography can’t hurt. This is all about David Sutcliffe and here’s everything we know about him.

Early life and age

David Sutcliffe was born in the “Paris of the Prairies” in June 1969. David grew up in Grimsby, a town in Ontario and St. Catherines near the Canda-US border which is known for its mass of call centers. David’s childhood stands out based on how dedicated he was to sports.

Sutcliffe attended the University of Toronto where he studied English Literature just like the dude writing about him. While on the campus, he played basketball and might have gone professional if not for a herniated disk diagnosis – lower back injury. He went to Los Angeles instead to pursue a career on the screen.

David Sutcliffe is fifty years old.

David Sutcliffe – career

David Sutcliffe’s career began in 1995 in episode 15 of season 2 of “Forever Knight”, a Canadian drama about an 800-year-old vampire who happens to be a detective in today’s Toronto. For the next few years, Sutcliffe was involved in TV shows playing small and singular episodic roles. In 1999, David Sutcliffe was in “Cold Feet” a British drama-inspired American comedic drama on NBC about. The show had poor ratings and mixed reviews and was discontinued after just one season of eight episodes all of which David was a part of, only four of which were aired.

In 2001, Sutcliffe joined the cast of “Gilmore Girls” on The CW featuring in seasons one to three and five to season as Christopher Hayden, the on and off lover of the protagonist Lolerai Gilmore played by Lauren Graham, an independent, thirtyish single mom who runs a local inn and crazy about pop-culture and coffee. He was in this show for 37 episodes. He was in the drama on ABC “I Am With Her” in which he appeared for 22 episodes.

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Other Sutcliffe credits include playing Dr. Leonard “Len” Barliss on the drama “Proof” about reincarnations, hauntings and other supernatural occurrences on TNT. After its first season of ten episodes in which Sutcliffe appeared in every episode, the show was canceled. In 2013, he was in the Canadian police and crime drama on CBS, then “Mistresses” in 2016. Other David credits (even for singular episodes) include “Drop Dead Diva”, the police procedural drama set in San Fransisco “The Division” on Lifetime, “Lie to Me”, “Timeless”, “CSI: Miami”, etc.

Relationship and net worth

David Sutcliffe used to be a married man. He was married to the actress Julie McCullough. Born in Hawaii as Julie Michelle McCullough, the star is an actress, a model, and a stand-up comedian and she has also featured on the cover of PlayBoy. Born in 1965, Julie is four years older than the man who became her husband. And no, there is no fine for not knowing who McCullough is – she peaked in the 1980s when she was part of “Robin’s Hood” drama on Syndication Network. There is no prominent role for her in the past ten years that might be used to describe her.

The two got married in November 2001 and were divorced before the end of 2003. The union didn’t produce children. David Sutcliffe was thirty-two when his marriage came to an end. Nearly twenty years later, David has remained unmarried and unattached with any woman that we are aware of. His ex-wife, too, has remained unmarried.

David is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall.

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