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Dave Foley

Dave Foley is a stand-up comedian, voice actor, actor, host, producer, and director. He is a complete showman and here are nine facts you need to know about the star north of the Saint Lawrence River.

Dave Foley was born in Ontario

Dave Foley was born in Etobiko, Ontario. He was born in January 1963 which makes him 56 years old. And having written about a couple of Canadians, we daresay that when you are not sure where a Canadian was born say Ontario. If she has blue eyes and carries Gaulic nose, say Quebec.

Foley is half-British as his mother is from England.

Dave Foley is an observational comedian

Dave Foley is many things. One of his genres or subgenres is observational comedy. What does that mean? It means he drives most of his comic contents and themes from observing the everyday life and lampoons, mimicks, mocks it on stage, making people laugh as well as learning something new about something they see per day.

Hey, you just learned something new. Not a bad morning between a teacher and a Foley fan.

Dave Foley got married three times

Dave Foley got married to Tabatha Southy on the last day of 1991. Doubters would say there was a bet to win by wedding that year but we are no gamblers and it was already 1992 in China. The marriage lasted six years and produced two kids.

In August 2002, Foley got married again. This time to a certain Crissy Guerrero who bore him a daughter. In 2008, the couple divorced and went their separate ways.

In 2016, aged 53, Dave got married to his third wife. Her name is Crissy Guerrero and she happens to be married before to a certain Dave Foley.

Dave’s first marriage was a little more than a mess

While Dave Foley got married three times and is obviously happy with his current wife, he might never forget his first wife Ms. Southy. Divorces happen every day and sometimes, we see a divorce with a twisted story and in some particular time we see a man ordered to pay 400 percent of his annual income per month as child support. This was what a judge ordered Dave to pay. The sum was $17,700 and it was in the 1990s (Even today, a lot of actors will struggle to pay nearly a quarter of a million per year).

So Dave ran away to the United States, fearing the judge will jail him if he returned without paying the sum which he just didn’t have as he struggled to hold down a regular job, and which the judge insists he must provide even if he was paralyzed from the neck down.

In 2007, Dave approached the judge to modify the terms of his child support. He got a two-word response, no way (most likely hell no)!

He had battled depression and alcoholism before

Dave Foley admitted that he used to drink a bit. Just a little bit. Just enough to cause him to drop his defenses a little too lower and suffer for want of concentration, for want of a steady job and depression. In 2014, while roaming drunk, he fell and crashed his head so hard he was in ICU for four days. When he left the hospital, he probably became wiser and vowed never to drink again.

In 2019, Dave testified that he hadn’t drunk a drop of liquor in four years. In this time, he met his ex-wife, re-wooed her and remarried her. This time marked his biggest moment on TV where he appeared in 26 episodes of “Spun Out” the Canadian drama on CTV  and in “Harvey Break” where he voiced multiple characters for eleven episodes for the Nickelodeon show.

Sobriety is everything.

Dave Foley was in How to Be A Gentleman

Dave Foley is a gentleman, don’t just tag his divorce judge and his ex-wife’s lawyer. He is a gentleman, so much that in 2011, CBS tapped him to feature in their show about a small group of men who decided to renew a friendship that never existed. It is confusing right, yes, so much that it bombed in CBS showtimes, losing viewers upon viewers that the network struggled to locate a suitable time and season to show the drama without annoying too many people.

Of course, the show died after its one season of nine episodes. It wasn’t a gentleman affair at all.

The actor is a father of three

Dave Foley is blessed with three kids who, we must be quick to point out, are no longer kids today. His first child, Edmund, was born in 1991, the second Basil was born in 1995 and the last Alina, in 2003. Alina has played roles as a child actor and continues to pursue a career in Hollywood.

The star didn’t finish high school

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs all didn’t finish school. The difference here is that they finished high school and are worth billions of dollars. Dave left high school to attend improv classes and to hustle acting roles in theatres and TV shows. In 1984, he joined his comedy associates to form the Kids In The Hall a Canadian troupe group that made shows for Canadian and American audiences.

In 1995, he joined “NewsRadio” the NBC drama where he appeared in nearly 100 episodes and made the most of his name.

Dave Foley is not so broke anymore

In fact, he is not broke at all as he is worth nearly 500 thousand dollars. Not so much for a career that began in 1985 but enough to live happily with his family.

Contact his ex-wife’s lawyer.

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