Dara Tomanovich – Age, Movies/TV Shows, Net Worth, Other Facts

Dara Tomanovich

When talent and opportunity meet, people call it many things, fate, destiny, good fortune, talent, hard work, or something orchestrated by the universe. Whatever you choose to call it, Dara Tomanovich’s story is a good example. Dara Tomanovich had visited a friend in Paris where she ran into the German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, and that changed her life forever. She went on from there to work with several Modeling agencies and crossed into acting a few years later after relocating to the United States.

Although some reporters now refer to her as a “washed-up model”, you shouldn’t let them decide what you call her. Here is everything you need to know about Dara Tomanovich. The good, the not-so-good, and everything in-between and beyond.

Dara Tomanovich’s Career

Dara’s career started in Paris when she went to visit a friend. It was there she met Karl Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer who saw her talent and cast her as the new lead model for the fashion house, Chloe, at the age of 18. She was crowned “Face of Chloe”.

For five years, she lived in Paris, working with L’Oreal cosmetic line, Marie Claire (French Edition), and appearing in advertising for Vogue Magazine (British Edition). She also worked for prominent companies like Ponds, Van Cleef, Olay Regenerist, Arpels, and Pantene.

Dara moved to New York years later where she studied acting in The William Esper Studio in Manhattan. During her studies, she was opportune to work with George Clooney, an Academy Award Winner, on a television campaign for Fiat, the Italian car manufacturer.

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Dara relocated to Los Angeles after her studies where she received a role in a comedy show, “Bio-Dome”. She went ahead to appear in other TV shows like “The Practice”, “Family Affairs”, “Just Shoot Me”, “Highlander” and “Secret Agent Man”.

In 2009. Dara was a Co-hostess of an infomercial “The Donald Trump Way to Wealth Seminar”, with the former president of the united states Donald Trump.

Dara Tomanovich’s real Age

Dara was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in November 1969. It is not known if Dara has other siblings or if she’s the only child. Not much is known about her parents either but according to Dara’s Instagram account, her father shuffled off his mortal coil some 26 years ago.

Dara earned a bachelor’s degree in Art in Print and Broadcast Journalism at the University of California.

Dara Tomanovich’s real name is Dara Tomanovich. She is 50 years old.

Dara Tomanovich and Relationship and does she have kids?

Over the years, Dara has countless times shown that she doesn’t give two flying hulks about what the media thinks. She’s living the American dream with or without a man. But fans won’t stop poking.

And he fans saw what they wanted to see when they beheld, in 2005, the Fox News anchor, Bill Hemmer, canoodling the beloved Dara. Sadly the relationship didn’t last forever lasted forever. They broke up in 2013. The following year she was invited to the annual Royal Ascot 2014 where she was spotted with Britain’s Prince Andrew, Duke of York. There is no proof that they were dating or if they ever dated.

In July 2014, she was sentenced to a $750 fine, three days of community service, and no license for a whole year for crashing her Porsche in Manhattan, New York. It was a DWI (driving while intoxicated) situation. She was alleged to have threatened the officer with the Mayor’s name, Micheal Bloomberg, saying “I can get you fired or transferred”. Way to go, girl. We don’t know what’s her relationship with the Mayor. Nor would we speculate.

In 2019, Dara ruffled feathers when she uploaded a picture of  Mauricio Rivera Kirschner kissing her. Mauricio is the owner of a design and architecture firm, House of Kirschner. The caption on the photo reads “who kissed who first?” It is unknown if they are still together. And nobody knows who kissed who first.

Dara Tomanovich has no kids.

Dara Tomanovich’s Net Worth

Aside from being a model and actress, Dara is an entrepreneur and Chief executive officer of Innovative-Projects. It is claimed that she also opened a New York-based company in 2010 for design and talent.

It is believed that Dara Tomanovich is still working as a model in the B&M Models agency.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 5 feet 6 inches (1.67m) tall diva is worth 10 million dollars.

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