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Daniella Okeke

The name Daniella Okeke cannot be new to you. She is an actress but her career may not be the reason you heard her name the first time. Yes, Daniella Okeke is an entertainer but there is some sprinkle of controversies here and there to keep her in the blogs and elsewhere and make people who may not have ever watched a movie of hers aware of her. Here is everything we know about the star you should know about which is not everything. But a lot.

Daniella Okeke: Age and family background

Daniella Okeke was born on March 26, 1987, in Imo State Nigeria. There is no public information about her parents or siblings, however, she grew up in Delta State Nigeria where she completed her primary and secondary education. Delta state became a big part of her life, a second home state even and this influenced her decision to seek admission at the Delta State University. She obtained a degree in Fine and Applied Arts from DELSU.

Even before the end of her university education, Daniella already knew that the screen was made for her and she started attending auditions after leaving the campus. She was warmly received in the Nollywood acting industry in 2006 and by 2007, her professional debut film “Sleek Ladies” came out. This was where her success journey began.

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Daniella Okeke is 33 years old.

Daniella Okeke: Career

After her “Sleek Ladies”, she appeared in other movies where she played minor roles mostly until 2013 when she landed the role of Joke in the film “Lagos Cougars”. The film tells the story of three working-class women who were desperate to find love and explore other romantic adventures. The character of Elsie was played by Monalisa Chinda, Aret played by Uche Jombo. The movie also starred Alexx Ekubo. For portraying the role of Joke so well, Daniella earned a nomination in the Best Actress category in a Leading Role nomination at both the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. At this moment, her star status wasn’t in doubt.

The actress also appeared in movies like “Luke of Lies”, “Show me Heaven”, “Principalities” “The Boss is Mine” and many others. Aside from acting, Daniella Okeke is also a model and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Dcovi Entertainment Company.

Controversies, relationship, and other facts

In 2019, Daniella Okeke took to her Instagram to call out a certain Stephanie Otobo to clear her name after the latter alleged that the actress had an affair with the founder of Omega Fire Ministries International Apostle Johnson Suleman in 2017 during a press conference. The allegation was so heavy and made rounds on the internet but Daniella wasn’t so quick to fire back. She only posted a picture of her before a car that was alleged to have been bought by the accused pastor.

In 2019, a blogger published a story confirming that actress Daniella Okeke did have an affair with the man of God; not just her, that Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong equally participated in sleeping with the fire-brand Man of God. The published story led to a mudslinging contest between both actresses online with Daniella finally using the opportunity to call out Stephanie Otobo to come out and clear her name.

She wrote: “You bitch, I don’t know who you are, but you came to call my name out of nowhere?! All of a sudden, you disappeared. Afterwards, you changed your name. No way, you have to tell the world the truth, Miss Otobo. I have kept quiet for too long.

God will punish you wherever you are. I woke up on social media like everyone else on that day when you called my name on the internet. The way you called my name, better go and uncall it or else, the next 24 hours won’t be funny.”

Otobo has appeared in Apostle Suleiman’s church to recant her allegations. There are people who don’t believe her changed story seeing she provided enough evidence in her initial story and that she may have been coersed or paid to withdraw her accusations.

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There is a small but forceful part of the internet who are of the opinion that the actress did a butt job as, they claim, her butt wasn’t so large some years back. The actress has tried in so many attempts to convince people that the butt is all-natural but failed. She once made a post on Twitter “I ‘ve got a mean ass, and I mean that”. Of course many argued this and she returned with another post “Words can’t bring me down”.

Daniella Okeke is not married but she could be in a relationship with someone bloggers have been unable to reach in order to scoop a story. She once hinted on getting married through an Instagram post. “I need a new citizenship am really tired of Nigeria please who will marry me? Red or blue passport or any other color but definitely not green.. I am upset.” It’s been more than two years since she made this post and she is yet to find her ideal man.

She is a lover of luxury cars and with everything going perfectly well for her career-wise, Daniella Okeke’s net worth is not shaky.

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