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“She lied to me my whole life. To my face. That’s fucked up, man.” This is Zeke Cross’s most memorable line in Power Book II (both seasons) and Daniel Bellomy should be proud of the character he brought to life in the show. Actually, Bellomy should be proud of many things in his journey to becoming a Hollywood superstar.

Here is everything we know about Daniel Bellomy.

How old is he?

In Power, Zeke Cross thought he was 19 years old. It turns out that Monet (Mary J. Blige) lied to him and he is, in reality, 23. But Daniel Bellomy who played Zeke Cross is not even within the age bracket of his character. Bellomy was born on December 27th, 1994 in Detroit, Michigan which makes him 27 years old.

You may say he doesn’t look it and you might be right but it is what it is.


Bellomy began acting when he was 17 in 2012 in the Choir Boys at Manhattan Theatre Club, New York. It was here he was discovered and made his break into Hollywood.

His first film is “A Matter of Time”, a 2013 film directed by Jared Passante and set in a forgotten town where everyone’s life is connected to clocks and if the clock connected to you breaks, you die. The last keeper of the secret entrusts this grave task to his grandson who isn’t fired up for this duty so the local sheriff played by Daniel Bellomy steps in claiming that the family of secret keepers has abused their power but this only opens the door for a new era of darkness in the town.

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Daniel Bellomy has made singular appearances in popular shows such as the musical web series “Outcast” created by Daisy Hobbs in 2018, the last season of USA Network “Suits” in 2019, police and law series “Blue Blood” and legal drama “The Good Fight” all in CBS (all in 2021).

His biggest show comes in 2020 when he was elected to play Ezekiel Cross the supposed cousin of a family of drug dealers who, among his many issues, has the unflattering role of sleeping with his professor. Bellomy appeared in the entirety of the 20 episodes in the two seasons (so far).

Personal life, education, relationship

This we do not know much about but we do know his mother Cherly Bellomy is instrumental to his becoming an actor of repute today. There are all boys born to Mr. and Mrs. Bellomy. We know that two of his brothers are named David and Cornelius.

Bellomy attended Carnegie Mellon University based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Once, we believed, he was asked about his girlfriend and he said I am no snitch.

How tall is Daniel Bellomy?

An average basketballer stands at 6 feet 6 inches which is about 1.9 meters (correct as of 2021). To have played the role of a basketballer, Bellomy is anything but a midget. Even though he falls short of the average NBA height, Daniel still stands far above the 5 feet 9 and a half inches (1.756 meters) that is the height of an average American man.

Daniel Bellomy towers over you as he stands at 6 feet 4 inches or 1.93 meters.

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